Baby arrival

Hi all,

I am pleased to announce that our baby girl arrived by induced labour at 37 + 4 on 17th Jan. I was in labour for 2 days but she eventually came out at 2.56pm.

She was 4Ib 14oz at birth and came to meet us assisted by only gas and air.

She is totally perfect :)

Thank you so much for all of your support during my pregnancy xx i appreciate all of the great advice so much!


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14 Replies

  • Huge congratulations :) so teeny lol. enjoy every moment as the first year goes by so quick- my little lady turns 1 on Sunday!

    Hope you are both doing well Xxxx

  • Congratulations!!! Xxx

  • congratulations luv. I wish you all the best. in my culture they believe baby girls brings fortune and happiness.

  • Fantastic news Laura Jane ;) It's been a long journey but you've got to the best bit ;) So jealous xxxx Big hugs and kisses to you and the scrummy one xxxx

  • Big congratulations xxxx.

  • Well done Hunni, congratulations.

    Sorry if I missed something why were you induced at 37 weeks? X

  • Hi,

    I was induced as baby was small for dates right from 25 weeks.They made the decision to bring her on early to avoid any possible complications :)

    She has struggled with feeding due to her size which has resulted in a few days in the hospital but we have now found a bottle that she has really taken to and she is thriving! Still keep trying to breastfeed but until she is bigger it will be difficult so i am expressing and bottling at the moment just to keep things flowing for future breastfeeding opportunities.

    I am so proud of her for being such strong girl :)


  • Well sounds like you are doing a great job. Good luck with everything.

  • Congratulations! Sounds like you are doing a great job! Such a tiny girl! What's her name?

  • Thank you xx we have called her Violet Lottie :)

  • Hi there, many congratulations to you and your family, best wishes for the future. XX

  • Congratulations and well done to you both xxx

  • I've not been on here for ages, but this is lovely news to come back to! Congratulations! X

  • woowww.....

    .....soucs gr8

    .. congtz...

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