Anybody else had this bleeding?

So I recently find out I could be pregnant. My period was two weeks late or it never came! Anyhoo just to let you know my next period is due 5th feb.

Anyway went to my doctor because a day ago I had light pink spotting which went heavier, went red, during the day then stopped. When I woke up there was just brown then it got a bit heavier , went red, and then pink and completely stopped! My doctor thinks this is pregnancy as it could be a short period since i concieved near to my last due one or implantation bleeding. Also I had mild mild cramps for a few hours yesterday but nothing now.

I might not be pregnant but I think I am! Just wondered if anyone else had this?

My doctor told me this type of bleeding can be extremely normal and not too worry about the baby if there is one:/

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Why didn't the doctor (or you) just do a pregnancy test?

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