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Early Pregnancy Symptoms


About a week before my period was due, I had unprotected sex a few times that week. The week my period was due it never came! It didn't arrive for two weeks! In that space I noticed my nipples went a little bit darker I am sure! I had nausea, I had vaginal cramping a week after the sex for only about a day, I had dizziness and I generally felt like it was early pregnancy symptoms. In that time I had a negative test and just thought it was too early to test! Today I got my period but I am not sure if it is. It started off really light like spotting ( my period has never EVER done that before, I just wake up and its heavy is the only way to describe it) and I dont feel as bad as when I do have my period. No cramping, slight tummy ache but I have been feeling like that these past couple weeks and even with my period I still feel sick after nearly every meal I eat! I just wanted to see if there was a chance I am pregnant. I have doctors tomorrow!

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Also I have had a strange metal taste in my mouth for a few days! And peeing a lot more!

Hi Meg, if you conceived later in your cycle, it could explain the array of pregnancy symptoms and unusually late and light period. however it could also mean an egg was on its way to implanting but was unable to do so because it was too late in the cycle. Or you could be imagining some of the symptoms because you really want to be pregnant and your period was late because you are stressed or just because it felt like it!! Fingers crossed you get the result you want tomorrow. If not then don't be too disheartened this time xx

MegLawton in reply to tazmania

See I thought I was maybe thinking too much about it but certain "things" have gone darker as well and I didnt even think about it and just noticed it! I've had clear and white discharge as well so I wasn't sure what to think! Would I be able to know if there was something there or will i not be able to tell? Thank you! I hope it's pregnancy!

It will most likely show up on a blood test if not on a urine test! X

MegLawton in reply to tazmania

The bleeding is heavier now when I wipe but not a lot is showing up on a pad! I think it could be my period but I had many pregnancy symptoms for 2-3 weeks and I heard that you can be pregnant and get your period since i concieved so close to it! x

tazmania in reply to MegLawton

This is also my understanding :) good luck xx

MegLawton in reply to tazmania

Thank you! xx


Only your doctor will be able to tell you definitely if you're pregnant or not.

It's quite simple: do a pregnancy test.

You list each and every major pregnancy symptom, some of which do not start until you are many weeks pregnant, so I am sure a lot is down to your thinking and analysing.

I hope you get the result that you want but really, just do a test.

Hello! So are you pregnant?

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