Scan today!

Hello there. Having my dating scan today and a little nervous. I'm hoping it will help me feel more pregnant too! I know I should be excited but I'm a little worried. I know first hand how things can go from good to bad very quickly. I'm trying to be more realistic than negative. Anyway, must think happy thoughts! Good luck to anyone else having scans today too :-)

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Hi, hope your scan went ok today? :) x


Yep. Everything was fine. They couldn't do the NT test as baby wouldn't lift their head. Baby is stubborn like me lol.

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i had that with this baby (I'm 27 weeks), he was somersaulting and wouldn't stay still enough, then we got to have another scan a couple of weeks later at which point they changed my EDD so we ended up having the blood test instead since I was 14 weeks and 5 days according to the new measurements. Anyway, risk was low and we got to see little one again, which wass nice :) Glad everything went ok for you x


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