12 weeks today!

I can't quite believe I have got this far after years of TTC, surgery & IVF.

I am over the moon to reach the 12 weeks milestone but also crapping myself (pardon my French) about my scan on Friday, and finding it hard not to obsess about all the things that could be wrong like missed miscarriage, downs etc.

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Wow! Congratulations! So happy for you.... And also so happy that I'm not the only one that worries!! I'm 12 weeks tomorrow and have my scan on Monday and have literelly had days where I haven't been out of the house because I've been so anxious about what COULD happen at the scan. I've had hardly any symptoms whatsoever and some days don't feel pregnant at all and of course I've Googled which I know you shouldn't do. So hard!

Best happy healthy baby wishes for tomorrow. Soooo exciting! X

I know what you mean, some days I feel properly pregnant with a big belly and sore boobs, then the next day I discover the belly was mostly gas and my boobs are back to normal, then the next day I feel sick again. I think that's just how it is, symptoms are not consistent and come and go! I have a dreadful cold at the mo so not sleeping and feeling awful so I barely notice preggy symptoms underneath the sore throat, coughing, sneezing etc.

Not long now until our scans, I promise not to Google again if you do :-)


all ok with my scan, just waiting for blood results now but looking good. good luck to you too xx

hi congratulations.. I was the same as you. I felt the 12 weeks was much harder than the 2ww and so long.. I felt better after the scan though so hopefully you will start to feel more relaxed too. I was lucky I didn't have any symptoms either but this week I have started with SPD so its awful now.. good luck to you both with your scans

Hi there, congratulations on your pregnancy, It is normal to feel anxious especially after everything you have gone through, try and stay positive and also keep in mind that at 12 weeks, the chances of a miscarriage are much reduced. I wish you all the best and good luck for Friday. Best wishes. XXX

Thank you. I know the chances are good after 12 weeks, but I am stressing about missed miscarriage as you hear of people going for a scan at 12 weeks and finding the baby died already.. although I don't feel that is likely.. so then I am stressing about downs syndrome or another chromosomal disorder that will mean we have to end the pregnancy.. so hard not to worry, especially knowing this is my one and only chance!

Yay! Been for scan today and all is great, we have a little wriggler! It was almost just too good to be true! So happy and feel much more relaxed about seeing our little bundle... Just need to wait for bloods now. X

It's great isn't it to be able to relax a bit. So pleased for you. I'm also still waiting for bloods.. Did you have the downs test?

Yep, had it, and they said they combine the measurements with the bloods and asked some questions and then put into a risk category. I'm not so worried about that now I've seen the little one. She said I'd get a phone call in the next 3 days or so if its high risk, otherwise it'll be a letter in the post. Do you know when you hear? Where abouts are you as I think it varies depending on county etc. x

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