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Pelvic Girdle Pain/SPD

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Hi I posted a couple of days ago and thanks to everyone who replied. I have been to the consultant today and told that my swimming pains were caused by round ligament pains and should hopefully go but the lower punching pain in my pubic bone is SPD and quite severe. I have been given a tuba grip to wear and she has actually signed me off work for 2 weeks. She has said to rest for the first week and then gentle exercises the second week. She said the rest may help the pain as its currently agony to walk.

To those who have experienced this - did you find anything helped the pain? I am only 23 weeks, did you find it got worse as time went on? I am really scared that from now things are going to get much worse but I know that I need to think more positively. Thanks again.

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Yep! Hurts a lot! Lucky you got signed off work! I was given exercises and a lot of pain killers. I had to stand a lot at work too! I hurt from about 20 weeks onward. The pain changes a bit toward the end and I did have some random good weeks. So if you get one, take advantage! I had to change the way I slept as well and that helped. I wore a pregnancy support belt/ brace. It was expensive, but helped make the pain manageable. Yay for hitting 23 weeks!

I sympathise I had it bad for the last few weeks but not as early as you - probably from about 32 weeks. I found the tuba grip did help and changing sleep position also helped and put a pillow between your legs if you sleep on your side. In the end I was offered crutches to help getting around but I didn't use them. Just found myself shuffling very slowly everywhere and going upstairs sideways! People kept telling me that it makes labour a lot easier to deal with and I have to say that was my experience. I had an incredibly quick and easy labour but the SPD didn't just go away and I got referred to physio several months after giving birth. The exercises they gave me did help though so I would recommend you do this if you need to. I'm afraid there's not much you can do from here on just deal with it as best you can and focus on your beautiful little bundle of joy

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thank you.. the phsyio didn't really give me any exercises she just said to carry with the pelvic floor exercise and abs one - like you were trying to do up a pair of trousers.. I may have a look on line and see what exercise are suggested. Did yours get much better?

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Yes mine did get much better but it took a long time after having had my daughter. (she's 14 months old now and I'm still doing the exercises) In hindsight I wish I had gone for physio referral earlier after having had her but it's not exactly a priority when you have a newborn! I waited til she was about 6 months thinking surely this should have gone by now - it was much easier though not the pain I had during the last few weeks of pregnancy but it was still there and stopping me from getting back to running which I like to do - so I eventually went to doctor and asked for physio appointment. After a month of doing the exercises she recommended there was a massive improvement and I could run for longer than 2 miles without being in agony which is really all I wanted.

So I guess what I'm saying is put up with it for now as it won't change much before you have baby (except get a bit worse I'm afraid - but remember it's for the greater good!) and then if you still suffer with it after birth don't leave it too long to get referred.

Having said that I met several people whilst I was pregnant who had SPD who said it went pretty much straight after giving birth so you may well be one of the lucky ones.

I also did pregnancy yoga which helped to stretch the joints out a bit

Hi there, sorry to hear your experience. I have had this with this pregnancy 4th, had it for 2nd and 3rd as well. This time around it is very severe and has gradually got worse to the point that I need to use a stick first thing when I wake up and also after any sitting for more than 20 mins, have seen the physios, which has helped but not a great deal. I have had to go on mat leave at 32 weeks due to this. I hate taking paracetamol and so have to endure with this pain, it is very painful at times but my kids keep me going and remind me that this is just temporary. The physio said that the more babies you have the likelihood it will get worse but sees a lot of ladies even the very young ones, good luck to you and best wishes................

sorry to hear i hope you don't have to go through what i went through. i have suffered with this from 14 weeks and it did get to the point that i could not walk, sit or sleep. the only time i managed to get any sleep was in the hot bath for 20 mins, i was on codeine but still pain was unbearable, i had to go on mat leave from 20 weeks by 30 weeks i was begging doctors to induce me as i was going crazy, i was seeing obst every week so they delayed it till i was 37 weeks then they did sweep at which point i was already 2cm dilated and week later and 2 sweeps i gave birth, birth was ok but next morning i could not even get up for bath so had nurse to come and wash me in bed which was very embarrassing. for first month after birth my partner had to help with feeding and changing my daughter, help me get up to go toilet. i was bed bound. the belt made things worse. i bought on ebay a baby sling/ wrap which ties up and i tie it up round the hips which really helped. she was born very small but that was good cos i carried her on the nursery runs instead of taking pram. my daughter will be 1 in few days time and i still have pain if i over do with housework. my advice is rest as much as you can, worm baths, avoid stairs as much as you can, basically if its not absolutely necessary don't go upstairs, get your other half to do housework or get someone else to help, get groceries delivered instead.

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Goodness b that's horrendous, I'm really scared to be honest as I already have a chronic pain condition with my back which I've n been managing with swimming up to now

did it make your birth more painful? I'm trying not to think about that yet

I'm finding lying down ok but hasn't walked much on it the last few days

not sure, because i remembered the pain i had with first so was already really scared but the midwife was really good and as the baby started to show she did not put my legs in those things, she let me get myself in the position the way i was comfortable but my birth was very quick from start to end 4hours, for the baby to come out 10 mins. make sure you get physio to measure you for the birth and let midwife know that you suffer with SPD, they will make adjustments and plan for it.

woow that was quick. Wonder if that was anything to do with the SPD or just quick anyway. thanks for you advice

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