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Movements but tested negative?

Hi, for about two weeks now I have been feeling very strong movements, like what it is was like with my son. They are very strong and happen frequently every day! My partner can feel it too if he lays his hands on my stomach. also feeling very bloated and uncomfortable. Tested twice and both negative, I also have the implant in and have since last February! Anyone have any idea what this could be?!

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I think only a doctor can help with this! Maybe have a blood test to triple-check for pregnancy? If you managed to get pregnant with the implant not sure if the hormones interfere with a wee-test or something?? If not, it must be something gastrointestinal!! I am sure doctor has better ideas than me ... xxx


I thought the same 3 months after I had gotten the implant, the flutters even woke my boyfriend at night. So I kept going to the doctors, I had a scan and 3 blood tests because I asked for reassurance. No baby, but the doctor thought that because I had already had a child my body knew pregnancy symptoms and the implant can cause pregnancy symptoms. How true that is I'm not sure but it helped!


That's what I thought too, as there has been quite a few times I've tested as wasn't sure! I find it strange how we can both feel movement though! If it's not pregnancy I do think it will be something else as I was into the emergency room with terrible pains in my stomach before this all started about 3 weeks ago, and they couldn't figure out what it was!


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