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Hey, havent posted in a wee while, after baby not moving for a few days hes back to normal thankfully.... and after being ill at beginning of pregnancy im now feelin relativley good, but im bored silly, oh works from 11am till 12am most days all I have to do is cook an clean wev moved to a new area just before I found out I was pregnant so didnt get a chance to socilise with bein ill an stuff, now im in desperate need of pregnant female company if only for my sanity lol, friends back home arent interested or think there pro at everything and wana tell me how to do things :( iv searched chat rooms for mums with no joy its all forums and most groups iv came across in area baby has to have been born already which dosent help as I still have 9 weeks to go, any suggestions on how to meet new people or mums would be greatly appreciated, thanks for reading xx


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  • Glad your bubba is moving again now! I feel the exact same as you. Boyfriend and I brought a new house 6 months ago and we moved from my friends and family. I have so isolated and alone throughout this pregnancy but now with 7 days to go it will all soon be worth it. Have you looked into attending baby classes? I went with my boyfriend and they were very busy with pregnant ladies! I'm here if you need a chat though! Hope you feel happier soon! Xxx

  • Me too I was so stressed... yea we moved away from all my family and friends and not even a month later found out I was pregnant.. 7 days, exciting times :D I still have 9 weeks to go. Yea had a look at classes but every1 iv came across are for when babys here, and my partners never around to come with me at least the first time lol, im sure il be fine, loving being pregnant but sometimes a chat with a grown ups nice instead of cooing at my ever expanding tummy all day lol xx

  • I moved internationally but my parents and friends are visiting. Or try skype. I don't know where to go until antenatal classes in week 30. I found I am more antisocial since pregnant as I cannot do half the activities I used to do such as scuba diving, hockey and the pub!

  • Hiya, check out your local sports centres for Aqua natal classes, or maybe see if you can get in to a community based pregnancy yoga class. Or try nct classes in your area - just some suggestions which might get you hooked up with fellow expectant mothers. Xx

  • Check out your local NCT classes and the NCT website. I've met 6 lovely local couples through mine, all with babies due at same time in about 5 weeks. I also attend pregnancy yoga classes and have made 3 good friends through that too. Also ante natal swimming is good for meeting other local mums to be too. As there's a baby boom going on at mo, I'd imagine you just need to find the right group. There are loads of us pregger types out there :) Good Luck.

  • Have you tried finding your local NCT branch? nct.org.uk/branches

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