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Little semen

Hi, yesterday was my ovulation day and it's the perfect timing for baby making. My husband and I making love in 3 days in a row. But the time I ovulate, he ejaculate very little like a 1 teaspoon. I'm concern if I cant get pregnant with too little semen and I'm afraid all those swimmers couldnot get through my cervix. And sometimes, when he ejaculate enough to go through, most of the semen coming out when I started to stand up even though I have been lying on the bed for more than half hour. How can I make it stay and how to make it go inside my cervix?

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They're determined little blighters and when the moment is right, it will happen :) sounds like you're doing the right things, resting after with legs in the air and having regular sex around ovulation time. Try to relax, it only takes one sperm remember so amount of ejaculate isn't that relevant... I certainly wouldn't tell your husband you're worried he's not producing enough ;) just make sure he's eating healthy food lots of iron rich food and not drinking too much and then the sperm should be strong! :) Good luck x


thanks. :) I tried not to think too much and relax as much as I can. Well, basically my husband ALWAYS skipped his lunch. He only eat breakfast before go to work and dinner after come back home. hope it works this month and waiting is devastating me.


The best way to increase your chances is to have sex every OTHER day. I know that it sounds odd, but it's what I was told, as it helps your man to replenish his swimmers best.

Also, what leaves your body after sex isn't always sperm, but the fluid that joins them when leaving his body.


Okay. Will do that. Thanks. :) so, I don't need to be worry if the sperm leaks out when I stand up. Got it! :D


No to worry, MRSrob, you are doing okay. It is true that you should probably not have sex for a few days prior to ovulation, so that sperm production is higher, but staying on your back for a while afterward is the right thing to do. The amount of semen (not sperm, necessarily) is also affected by the amount of water your partner has had to drink. If he is dehydrated, there will be less semen ejaculated.

My advice: take a few days off from sex prior to ovulation. Make sure your partner is well hydrated (no need to overdo it though). Continue with the rest on your back after sex.

If there are no other medical issues going on, this should work in time.

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Thanks Daddo.. Appreciate that. :)


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