Any ideas as to how to move baby?

Hi everyone. We'll I have 11 days to go until my planned c section and I'm very excited but also very uncomfortable. Baby is head down but she's seems to be lying all on my left side my bump looks very left sided and it sort of feels like I'm being constantly pulled in that direction, it's kind of hard to explain, also I ache all down that side and even my left leg aches. I've tried lying on my right side but she's not budging over . The only way I can describe is like havin weights strapped to to your left hip. I no it's not long to go now but I'd feel so much more comfortable if I could just get her to move into the middle. Does anyone have any ideas, I'd appreciate it so much, thank you. Xx.

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Hands and knees whenever possible is a good way of ensuring gravity is with you. I know that it's suggested for women whose babies are not optimally positioned for birth and although this won't be your reason for doing it it may well still help to make you more comfortable. Our ancestors would have been bending forward a lot more than we do today while out collecting food for instance and they didn't have chairs to sit back in so just try to lean forward when watching telly etc (keep your back straight though).. it may just persuade her to roll into a more central position. Good luck x


Thanks for the suggestions I'll definitely try them, don't know why I didn't think of them. I do tend to slouch on the sofa every night, you can't help it when your this big can you haha. Thanks again. Xx


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