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We got our little lady a potty, she is 17 months, as she enjoyed sitting on things so we got her a potty. We had some no nappy time and she sat on her potty. We praised her as she did a wee and then a pooh. She has generally always struggled with passing a stool and we have always been advised by the health visitor. I think she is now holding in her pooh's as they hurt or she doesn't want them to come out. Has any one got any info or advice on how we can help her push rather than keep it in? Little one has lots of fruit and veg, have given her extra water to help and also some orange juice.


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hi my son is 18 months soon I would no way consider potty training him yet, 2 or two and a half is an ideal age ,he is my 4th child and all my boys were potty trained at 2 and a half with NO bed wetting or remissions into re wetting.Not even a accident.I think potty training a child at such an early is is confusing stressing and heading for trouble.My son was constipated a lot too , but seems to have grown out of it these past two months since cutting his 4 molars. I would put the potty away and let your baby stop stressing about poos and wee as they are just too small.Instead let her poo in her nappy and when she does it tell her shes a clever girl for having one.

My little girl was poo trained from 14-16 months because she was constipated and would freak out trying to hold it in. Something about the position on the potty must have helped. She eats mostly raw veggies and an entire avocado everyday, I struggle to get her to eat carbs. She just turned 2 and seems miles away from wee training. But a poo routine has worked for us.

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