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Hellppp late period!

Hi just wondering if anyone can helpp.. my last period was around the middle of october and ive misses this month (obviously) ive taken 2 pregnancy tests and both came back negative... however I already have a child and not one pregnancy test came back positive until I was 8 weeks pregnant with him :-/ ... I have no tenderness in my breasts but they been overly itchy! I have also been getting cramps asif im going to come on and been getting browny coloured discharge but still no period :-/ if I am pregnant then this pregnancy feels completely different to my last one.. I really dont know what to think any advice would be greatly appreciated.. thanks xx

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Ive also be sick a few times (similar to morning sickness) but didnt have that with my last pregnancy.. theres been a few things that have made me think that I am pregnant but gettin a negative test result ive thought nothing of it other than totally missing my period :-/


Pregnancies can be very different from each other, is it same dad because different dads makes it totally different and also boys feel different to girls I think (I wouldn't be able to vouch for that one though as I have just found out today that I am having a third boy!)... Itchy breasts sounds right... you might just be pregnant again :) is that ok news?...


No same dad hun! Aww congratulations lol yeah thaysbrill thank you


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