No energy and weight loss

My baby is now 8 months. She is breast fed and sleeps through the night. However I have no energy and am still losing weight. I am 5kg less than I was before I was pregnant. I have been to the doctor for thyroid anemia and blood sugar levels and all came back negative. I have to eat literally every 2 hours or I crash. I feel by 3pm I am just exhausted and want to just lie down. Has anyone else experienced this ? How did you build your energy levels back up ? Thanks


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  • Hey, what sort of foods are you eating when you do snack? Do you find yourself reaching for food after breast feeding?? X

  • Been trying to eat high energy foods such as avocado, pasta and nuts. Avoiding high sugar so don't get sugar rushes. Feel hungry about half an hour after I have eaten not just after breastfeeding. I know you need more calories breastfeeding but I eat about double what I used to.

  • Have you had your iron levels checked? You may still nees to eat more, especially carbs and wholewheat.

  • My iron levels were normal. I eat lots. I have 2 rounds of breakfast (usually porridge and then toast later) 2 snacks before lunch 2 snacks after lunch and then dinner. After I have put her to bed I have pudding and maybe supper. Before being pregnant I never ate snacks pudding or supper. They say you need 500 extra calories breastfeeding - I eat way more than that ! I'm only 8.5 stone - really can't afford to loose much more weight (or afford new clothes! )

  • it's possible that your little one is taking a lot more than 500 calories from you each day! and also if you were not used to having a big apetite before pregnancy, then the amounts you are eating now may seem mammoth but be quite normal to someone else, just a thought xxx

  • Hi Kerry 1607

    First of all well done for continuing to breast feed for this long. You have to take supplements if you are not doing so already as the body is still busy producing milk for your little one, take any for breastfeeding women. I breastfed my last 2 daughters until exactly their second birthday and was starting to feel tired but when I started taking pregna care breastfeeding it was what did the trick, my energy levels went up, drink lots of water and eat a balanced healthy diet. If you are eating well that means not missing any meals and eating healthy portion sizes you should not be loosing weight at all, if you continue loosing weight then it is worth seeing your Gp again, good luck and all the best.

  • I give my baby vitamin drops so can I take vitamins too or will I be overdosing her ? Xxx

  • Your own health is just as important and you cant keep losing weight soon when your baby is walking you will be constantly tidying up and running after her,that is when you need even more energy ,fruit veg vitamins pasta brown bread fish cheese and a proper extra meal at tea time when you slump down,Your baby is taking all she needs but you need help,many babys breast feed all night too(like mine) after 4 months enough was enough for us we started supplementing.Just do what is best for your family but your health is number one priority.

  • Hi there, sorry I saw your reply late. If you supplement and take pregnacare breastfeeding, you will not be over dosing him/ her. A small amount is passed into the breast milk. Basically Vitamins are not toxic unless taken in huge amounts. If you are worried stop his vitamin and take yours. As someone has mentioned you need to look after yourself in order to continue caring for your baby. If you are still concerned then see your own Gp.

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