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The show at 29 weeks and 5 days??

Hi all, i went to the toilet and wiped and on the tissue came a clear stringy thing, ive heard people have had their shows without blood, i phoned my midwife and she said its normal and nothig to worry about..because it has to have blood in it to be a show, but im unsure, i had sharp pains in my belly after does anyone know what it could be? Im now 30 weeks and 1day pregnant! This is my first baby and im 20 years old x

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Just relax and be careful cause i wiped with light blood when i was 26 weeks pregnant and went to hospital and i was in fact in labor ended up having him at 27 weeks it was so scary he was 2 pounds so just relax and stay off your feet and no lifting or anything like that see if it goes away if not go to hospital or call your doctor


Oh no :( ive been in bed for the past 2 days as not been well! Thank you for your advice :) very appreciated x


Hi, I get that sort of discharge all the time. It comes in the morning normally (for me anyway). If you feel ok and the baby is moving I don't think there is much to worry about. I am 29 weeks BTW and it's my 2nd baby. I had the same discharge with the 1st one and it was scary for me too! If you feel that something is not right though just go and see your midwife so she can check you and the baby. :)


Thankyou, this happend a few days ago im now 30weeks and 2days, baby is moving fine and i feel good in myself apart from a nasty cough and cold x


Its definetely important to go with your gut feelings when you're experiencing something unusual during pregnancy & at 29wks gestation its also important to keep a rough mental track of your baby's movement.

There can be many reasons as to why "the show" may start to seem to shed away from 30 to 31wks going & its most likely nothing to worry about - get some rest & see how you feel in the morning, theres always a member of staff available at your local hospital's triage department should you need to talk about your concerns


Babys moving fine :) just it scared me as i havent been through this before, its all new and daunting to me :/ but ill deffinatly keep everybodys advice in mind! Thank you all so much, you've been a big help and i appreciate this x

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