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Ectopic or miscarriage???

I recently had found out in October that I was pregnant, not less than a week later I lost the baby. I went to the ER and the on call OB/GYN told me that I am having an ectopic pregnancy, and that I needed an injection to shed the lining of my uterus, because these can be life threatening. I went to see my OB/GYN a couple days later for a follow up, and she told me that she did not see any evidence of an ectopic pregnancy, that I had no damage to my fallopian tubes, that I had a miscarriage. I was so confused, does that mean the injection they gave me was not necessary? and does it cause any issues with TTC again? My husband and I are devastated, this would be our first and I am reaching 40 this January, I feel I am running short of time. Has anyone had this same circumstance? and if you did, did you have any problems TTC again?

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I'm sorry you went through this unnecessarily. Was the injection on methotrexate? I'd check if you can. My understanding is that there could be issues over the next 6 months if this is what you had. See: I'd put in a strong complaint and be requesting assistance in getting pregnant.


I had an ectopic pregnancy and I was given an injection of methotrexate. It was explained to me that I had to wait 3months before I could try to conceive after the injection. We started trying to conceive the after the 3months was over and after 9months I fell pregnant. My pregnaancy was normal and labour was straightforward so no lasting trouble from the ectopic. Hope this helps. Oh and I fell pregnant at a time when I was busy looking after my nephew so distractrd from trying to get pregnant, I guess it will happen when it happens. I was 37 years old at time of conception.


Hi, so sorry to hear about your awful stories. I know this thread is quite old but im am currently pregnant with my first child, i suffer with anxiety and can worry about worrying, i completely panicked today, called my GP and got sent for an emergency scan after having some period like cramping and back ache, nothing as bad as period pains and no bleeding. As i  only 4 weeks so they said they couldn't see anything in my womb in the internal ultrasound but also said the womb lining was thin, their pregnancy test and blood test showed that I'm pregnant. Need to go back in 48 hours to make sure it isn't an ectopic pregnancy. Any info on thin womb lining? She said my womb looked "normal" whatever that means..


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