Colour in discharge 22 weeks?

Hi all, 1st port of call as it's quite late and I'm trying not to freak out.

Been reading all pregnancy stuff lately about more discharge been normal, great. But today I noticed a slight pink colour on tissue around 3pm, thought nothing more, but then have blobbed a darker pink tonight around 10.

I will ring midwife etc in the morning, just wondering if this was normal? Has anyone else had it?

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Hope your mind has been put at rest by now.

I think you can lose your mucous plug several times, a new one just forms. So it could be that.

Also, sometimes heavy exercise or sex can cause little bleeds, because the cervix is filled with blood an. It's usually nothing to worry about.

Hope everything is ok.


Hi . not heard back from midwife yet, but not had any colour today so have calmed down a little and trying not to over analyse every little sensation.

And your post makes sense so thanks for that. I did have a little sexy time this last week ( first time in months ha ha ha) So yes prob that or just lugging the 3 year old around a bit too much. ( and breathe) xx


So just a little update, the pink showed for a couple of days, which in the end thought I better get checked with my history. Mat asst unit, checked baby heart beat, my no and urine, and did swabs.

Turns out the blood was disrupted cells, and I have thrush. So a lot of rest and a caneston combo kit and all is ok. Just wanted to share in case you find yourself in similar situation x


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