Pregnancy problems

Hi guys,

Me and my partner have been together 2 years at first we used protection but no we don't we have regular sex but I just dont seem to be getting pregnant. We are trying but in the sense of when it happens it happens, I'm 20 years old both in stable jobs and loving home. It's worrying me now as the last year we have been trying and nothing is happening I've got a regular cycle.

Any suggestions on what to do to help?

I don't want to try to hard and stress my self out though.

Thank you


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15 Replies

  • Ovulation calculator maybe. I use tat and I was pregnant within a month

  • I know roughly when I ovulate but been told that having sex regularly before as sperm can last up to 5-7 days in tour tubes so doing that there will always be semen waiting when the egg is released

  • Sumtymz it just tykz time

  • I'm a great believer in things happening when it's exactly meant to happen - maybe it's the fact that you are thinking about it so much that the whole process seems to be delayed even more.

    My advice is just try & not let your thinking "why" process go into overdrive & enjoy being intimate with your partner.

  • Ahh yea maybe just so hard think it will always be in the back of my my mind, doesn't help the majority of my close friends off Al children between 1 and 3 and two of my friends are now pregnant. Getting rather jealous think maybe that's why my minds in overdrive

  • There definetely seems to be a "baby boom" happening for the last few months as nearly everyone i know ( including myself as it happens) has had a baby last year or this year

    Im sure it will happen when you least expect it.


  • im 25 and i suffer from poly-cystic ovaries the doctors told me i couldn't have children but i kept trying and 4 1/2yrs later i am now 35 weeks pregnant always keep trying ignore people would say you cant when you can :):)

  • how long have you not been using protection? x

  • I used a free app called My Days which allowed me to track potential ovulation window and record when we had sex - it then generates reports which clarified where/if we were getting our dates and regularity wrong. Also, we'd been trying for 10 years -long story - but appear to have got pregnant the one and only time I'd used the bicycle legs method!! :) Not sure if old wives tale or not but beanie is 24 wks now and kicking like a speed cyclist. My main advice would be to keep it fun! It was only when we'd given up all hope and had nothing to lose and returned to having fun and a laugh with each other that sparkle popped into our lives. I'm 39 expecting my first after 17 years of marriage - so you also have loads and loads of time :) Good luck and REMEMBER! HAVE FUN!! xxx

  • Hopeful 15 Congratulation

  • hopeful15 I had no idea of the long wait you had for beanie! congrats!

  • I know! Still pinching myself. And the wait doesn't make you anymore prepared!! Still a rabbit in headlights ;) Breaks my heart when I see such young women tearing themselves up about not conceiving quickly. For some of us it just takes a little longer and for others they have to find another way forward, but the key is to relax and seize life regardless. After two operations in the last 12 months, in May my consultants suggested that the only solution to my chronic pelvic pain and adhesions was to have a hysterectomy.....and look at me now ;)

  • amazing!!

  • Try to relax and forget about it. I stressed myself out so much like you wondering why I wasn't getting pregnant. I lost weight because I was obese and I'm sure it probably helped but it still took me another 9 months to concieve because basically I think I was putting too much pressure on myself as soon as I gave up hope I got pregnant because I relaxed.

    I know it's hard to relax as if you're anything like me then every time you get your period you feel like you've failed or that it's a missed opportunity and you're running out of time and watching friends and family get what you want is hard. But truely it does us no good to wind ourselves up like this.

    Enjoy making love, look after yourself, maybe even find a hobby to take up to focus on.

    If you look back at my posts you'll see I was in the same position as you not long ago. I'm now 16 weeks pregnant today.

    I wish you every happiness.

  • I would echo what the other ladies have said relax, keep it fun and be healthy. I really know how hard it is to do I was a head case some months but it does help. I was very tuned in to my cycle so tried not to go clinical with ovulation tests and stuff that helped me. Our little angel was conceived with laughter and I reckon that's why she was conceived. If after trying at the right time of month for a year and no luck speak to your gp, doesn't mean there is anything wrong just may be useful to talk things through.

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