Long time after miscarriage

Hello, i am 40 and had a silent miscarriage at about 7 weeks last which was diagnosed at 12 -14 weeks and took a full month to complete after a failed or incomplete tablet based procedure.

we are still trying but i have found that my periods dont seem normal and are now more 3 weekly and i dont seem to get positive ovulation testing

does anyone have similar experience and have any thoughts or ideas please - i feel like im at the end of the road but this is my second marriage and my husband doesnot have any children - I have 1 aged 12

please tell me its not too late


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  • Hi - sorry for your loss. I am not sure my story would be of comfort but you are not alone. I am 39 - my new partner and I have had 4 miscarriages since Jan 13 and while I have a happy 7yr old we'd like a child together. It can take months for your body to recover from any loss - sometimes its taken 2 cycles to fall pregnant again the last one was 12 months with lots of opk +. It's not too late - watch your cycles as ovulation is roughly 14 days before your AF and work out days when you should BD and enjoy trying. I also spoke to my GP who was very supportive and I am now under consultant observation if I fall pregnant again. Talk to your GP - they maybe able to offer support.

  • Hey, I am so so sorry for your loss. I have experienced 2 miscarriages. One more recently at 39, I MC in Sept 12 and conceived my precious boy in Dec 12 right before my 40th birthday....the best news ever! I was full of fear but went on to delivery Sept 13.

    I didn't feel ready to conceive within the first few months so periods were last thing from my mind but I think, thinking back that they settled down quite quickly. I have a short cycle of average 24 days so I ovulate early, around day 9/10.

    Sounds like you need to give body time and don't put too much pressure on yourself to conceive. I have used an ovulation test kit over 3/4 months to work out when I ovulate but I did not use to conceive. I just wanted to know when it 'might' happen so I didn't stress about it.

    I hope that everything settles down soon and you get your wish xx

  • Hello,

    I had a silent miscarriage in May this year (between week 7-10) and the first two-three months after the operation my periods were longer and further apart than normal, after that they seem to fluctuate between 24 and 29 days.

    Just found out that I am pregnant again, and keeping fingers crossed it will work this time. I am 43....

  • Hi, I've had four miscarriages, and have a perfect (if stroppy !!) 3 year old now, whom I gave birth to when I was almost 42. My periods seemed to get a little closer together when I was around 40, but I still managed to conceive naturally (although I swear by the legs-in-the-air afterwards method!) x

  • Have faith! It will happen soon ❤️❤️

  • Thank you all so much - sometimes you feel like you are so on your own and then you hear all these replies and realise that you are quite normal after all xxx

  • I had a normal conception and delivery a healthy baby at 43 so dont give up its possible!

  • Hi Ladies

    Just found out im 5 weeks pregnant!! Yay!

  • Dear Henny, it is not TOO LATE.

    I am 46 and just found out I am pregnant. Did some research on the internet and they say that's not possible to conceive naturally after age of 45. It was not a case with me.

    I have been living with a partner for 2 years, not using any contraceptives as the statistics say I am too old to conceive :)

    Keep trying on a baby. Maybe it's a coincidence, but I got pregnant after taking chewy multivitamins age 6+ from Wilkinsons and Evening Primrose caps from Aldi :)

    good luck x

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