Strong period type pains is it normal?

hello everyone Im just 6 weeks so early days but I keep getting woken in the night by really strong and painful period type pains, they make me feel sick and last about 15 minutes. They have also started in the afternoon/evening and I've had them a good couple of weeks now. Any one else expericing this? It worrys me, this is my first. Thanks :) X

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hi hun, not sure about this one - cramping in early stages is fairly common but sounds like it's really causing you some bother. Personally I would make an appointment with the midwife at your GP surgery to see what she thinks :) xxx

I have had the same pains (i am only 4 weeks pregnant) I read that it is fairly common as everything in your body is a adjusting to been pregnant. But I still went and got it checked out just to be on the safe side of things :) I would make an appointment it will put your mind at rest :)

Thank you :) that has helped, I've already told the midwife, she didn't say much just that it can be normal so it didn't give me much reassurance. I think I'm going to see how it goes, I'm 7 week this weekend maybe it will calm down a little it only seems to happen once or twice a day.

if the midwife wasn't concerned then you don't need to be! they would send you for an early pregnancy scan if they thought it sounded worrying :) xxx

I had terrible pains for a while around that time with my first one. At one point I couldn't walk properly anymore on my way to work, I was in so much pain. I don't think that's quite normal and I went straight to the Early Pregnancy Unit at my hospital to get checked out. I also had some bleeding around 6 weeks.

I think it's always best to get it checked if something doesn't seem right, but having some cramps and even some bleeding is not necessarily anything to worry about. I gave birth to a healthy boy in the end :-) Just 5 weeks with my second baby now.

Hi I'm 5 weeks and having the exact same pains. They seem to have settled down compared to the week before my period was due. I have even woken during the night with the pain. I have been assured that it is nothing to worry about however I still feel apprehensive. I have been told that it is just everything stretching. Hopefully they will stop soon and the next pregnancy problem will replace it! X

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