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I've just had my 20 week scan and been told my baby girls long bones are under the 5th I went for another scan Tuesday to be told all her bones are measuring under. They mention downs and dwarfism and will scan me again in 4 weeks. I'm worried sick and can't stop crying. I hate the waiting and not knowing 4weeks seems so far away I love my baby girl regardless. How do you cope with the waiting and not knowing?!? X

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  • Oh that must be so hard for you. In terms of how to deal with the waiting, I think you've hit the nail on the head when you say you love your baby regardless. She may just be a slow developer, that's why they are going to scan you again in four weeks, so all you can do is just focus on doing all the good healthy things, diet and a bit of exercise,so she is comfortable in there and can grow. Easy to say but stress isn't good for you or the baby either so try to think positive thoughts, or at least keep busy and distract yourself by seeing people who make you happy and doing things to distract your thoughts (cinema etc?) I do hope it turns out ok for you. Xx

  • Thank you xx

  • I don't know if it would help you or not but you can pay for private scans at any point in the pregnancy. If it all gets a bit on top, you could get a peace of mind scan (and a second opinion) to help you come to terms with what could be happening?? I did when I was worried and it helped a great deal - besides being just a nicer experience all round. Hope you find some inner peace soon. Xxxxx

  • Thank you I'm trying to keep positive just hate the not knowing. Xx

  • Hi Hun, poor you :( it's not nice the waiting, I was told I was measuring small and had to wait for a scan and it seemed to go on forever, as easy as it is to say keep positive and try not to worry. I used to keep in mind that no matter what they told me about size or health problems in no time at all i was going to be holding my baby who was going to be loved no matter what.

    Did you have the Down syndrome test at your 12wk scan, if you did then that should give you information about the Likely hood of your baby having it (they can be wrong as with all other tests) all the best and hope you get good news x x

  • Thank you. I did have the blood test done and it came back 1 in 11000 so i refuse to have the other test it's to high a risk and won't change anything. I feel helpless I need to feel like I'm doing something to help her. I'm also been given aspirin. Did your baby catch up at your next scan? Xx

  • You are doing loads for her your keeping her safe until she gets here, and staying positive will be good for her (even though it's hard sometimes I know) and I was told on my scan that my little girl was very low so that's why I was small, I did have to have another scan as she stopped moving like she normally did and they said she'd gone even lower, My baby girl was born 11 days early weighing 7lb 1oz and 54cm long. (I was induced) Make sure you tell them if something does not feel right or normal as you know your body best. and like the other posts said see about having a peace of mind scan it might help put your mind a ease even if it's just a little x x all the best x x

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