Morning sickness

Hi all I posted a few weeks ago but my post was deleted. I'm 5 weeks pregnant but I'm having awful morning sickness. It's not just the morning it's all day and it comes and goes as it pleases. I don't want to moan about it as I am over the moon at being pregnant again but does anyone have any tips on getting it to settle a bit. I haven't been sick but the feeling if sickness is overwhelming.

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I know how you feel. I'm 15+3 weeks now and still feeling the nausea. The only thing I found that helped a bit, is eating little and often but other than that, I've struggled.


Here's our information on morning sickness. I hope you find it useful:


I had sickness for the first 3 months..guess it is part of the package. Try ginger tea, ginger biscuits, ginger beer or crackers. Keep drinking water to help you stay hydrated.


Things I found helped:

- eating dry food first thing in the morning before I got out of bed (salted crackers were my best fix)

- eating small amounts throughout the day because an empty stomach was my worst enemy

- I gave up trying to eat proper meals and stuck to whatever I felt I could manage at the time, and if that broccoli with grated cheese for breakfast then that is exactly what I ate

- rest, think I spent the majority of the first trimester lying down!

- ice cold fresh juices, or water with lemon juice in (ginger didn't really make any difference for me)

- still now (I'm 32 weeks) if I feel nauseous the first thing I'll do is unclip my bra strap, and if I can go sit in front of the fan for a few minutes (seems to help!)

Everyone told me it would get better in the 2nd trimester, but I was throwing up daily until about 20 weeks. I still get sick now, sometimes still vomit but the frequency is less than it was and it sure gets a lot easier to manage when it's not constant throughout the day. The early part of this pregnancy was really miserable for me because of the nausea and although the baby is very much wanted, there were times earlier on where that was difficult to remember. Don't feel bad for moaning, for some people it is not a nice experience, and if at times you are not enjoying pregnancy don't feel guilty for it - it doesn't reflect on the parent you'll be once baby is here. Best wishes


Accupuncture. WHO and NHS recognised to cure morning sickness and ease the bad type of morning sickness too. Works for me - every two weeks. Have carried on throughout pregnancy. Helped with tummy bug (cured in 2 days flat) and tiredness, pain and dizzy spells. No idea how it works but is magic. I went private because NHS pain clinic waiting list is too long here - but check with your GP or seek out a prof recognised practitioner in your area.


again, for me it was nibbling on dry crackers throughout the day. Though I did not suffer as much as you at all. I hope you find something to help xx


Thank you all for the replies. Yesterday was the worse day by far and it's really difficult as no one I work with knows I'm pregnant as I'm only 5 weeks. I will be trying all of your advice


I'll be 19 weeks tomorrow and still suffering morning sickness... or should I say "all day sickness."

Honestly, I've not found anything hugely helpful in terms of staving it off. I've tried dry crackers, ginger and all the stuff they tell you to try.

However, a camomile tea does tend to chill me out a bit which in turn helps me handle the sickness a bit better.

Hope you feel better soon!


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