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Can you learn to drive whilst pregnant?

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Hey I'm taking driving lessons but I wuld lyk to try for anther bby. I have passed my theory test and my driving instructor hasn't yet teached me the emergency brake manvouer. My question by law can I still tyk drivin lessons and my test whilst pregnant? Plz sumbdy answer dis question for me as I was taking driving lessons wth anther instructor before and when I got pregnant . I tld my instructor and she sed she couldn't give me lesson as their is risk of her car getting hit and she wasn't gonna tyk the risk. But my neighbour was sayin she passed her driving test whilst pregnant. I'm confused . Has anyone took driving lesson whilst pregnant? Has anyone took their driving test whilst pregnant? Any advice wuld be helpful. Thnk you in advance

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Yes it depends on your instructor and sometimes how far along you are; my sister was taking driving lessons when she founded out too but she was early on that she finished and took her test before 12 weeks pregnant.

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Wow. I hvnt learned all the manvouers yet. Just two of tym. Lucky er btw my instructor is a male. Imagine tell older guy arund ur dad's age ur pregnant. I wuld lyk my babies age gap close u see my personally opinion is tat tey get on better

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Yeah they could be complicated and I understand about wanting the age gap close maybe you should look around and talk to other instructors for a different opinion or point of view

Thnkz Hun but tbh I dnt wnt 2 chnge instructors. I just got use to dis one

I'm 21 weeks and just had my third lesson! they are not concerned yet. Just hope I can pass before Feb :)

A friend of mine was learning whilst pregnant and I do believe she continued to take lessons well into her 3rd Trimester.

I will still driving myself at 40 weeks although in my frustration of cabin fever I scrapped the wall outside our property, I was furious with myself for my stupidity but quickly got over and went to visit my Mum who lives 15 miles away.

You just do what you feel comfortable with is what I am trying to say. Driving lessons once baby is born may be a little tricky to schedule in, especially if you choose to breast feed & then there is the utter exhaustion of the nights so that's something else to consider.

Good luck :-) X

passed my test at 8 months pregnant, and was asked to do an emergency stop!

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Tazmania Reali. What did u say?

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well I knew they were technically allowed to ask you to do an emergency stop but honestly I didn't expect to be the unlucky one! it is an uncommon manoeuvre to get on your test, but they can pick anybody to do it, pregnant or not, so I just did it!! I only did one practice of this with my instructor tho as not a good idea to do more than necessary, one practice at it is all you need xxx

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But isn't emergency stop dangerous wen ur pregnant. Tey shuldnt ask u do tat if ur pregnant

You have to be able to do an emergency stop correctly if you drive a car. Whether they do it during your lessons or not. You have to be able to drive safely and stop the car safely. This goes for everyone - my mother had to do the same after her mastectomy and when I shattered my ankle I wasn't allowed to drive until I could perform a full emergency stop. You have to wear your seatbelt under your bump when you start showing because of this. Driving is dangerous for everyone regardless of whether you are pregnant so safety must come first. I suppose it's like anything, if you're comfortable then there's no reason not to but if sitting behind the wheel with seatbelt on makes you feel unsafe and constricted due to your pregnancy then wait. It's what you believe that matters - are you happy to drive and do you feel safe? You have to know that if the situation demanded it you'd be able to slam those breaks on without a second thought. PS: my father was a traffic cop and police driving instructor who instilled the fear of God in me - but at 22 wks I still feel safe to slam, so I'm still driving. Good Luck - it's a great life skill to learn :)

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