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Only started my periods but they have suddenly stopped!????

Ok so I'm 14 and have suver panic attacks I started my periods and only had 3 with 38 days inbetween both they lasted for exactly a week but I have now missed 2 of them my mum say its fine but I'm not sure wether I should seek medical attention or not also I have been under weight my whole life intil resently were I am borderline weight wich I am very proud of but didn't know wether that had enything to do with missing 2 periods or wether its the stress and panic or something eles? PLESE help me!!!!!!

Thankyou x

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Hi your weight can definitely affect periods and how regular they are, as can stress and hormone levels, and also when they first start they can be irregular and start stop. Well done for dealing with your weight issue. I work with ten to sixteen year old girls, and these are all big issues. Your periods should come back in their own time, but uou sound really worried, so to set your mind at ease you could make an appointment with your gp, as the stress won't be doing you any good.

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Thank you x


When I first started mine, I was eleven, and had four in a year. It's very common, and will happen for a variety of reasons, including stress, weight and the fact that you are still going through hormonal changes.


Thank you so much x


I developed major anxiety at age 18 that also led my weight to plummet. As a result, didn't have a period for 9 months though they had been regular for 4 years prior to that. Had medication for my anxiety, gained 2 stone and menstruation returned xxx


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