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Bleach/Highlights during pregnancy


Hi, is it safe to bleach or highlight my hair during pregnancy? I have light blonde hair so can't use henna or vegetable based dyes unfortunately. I just don't want to cause any problems with my baby

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There is absolutely no evidence that dying hair causes and harm or risk to your baby! Xx

Hi Saorchid, I went with NHS website advice - highlights and semi permanent during first 12 weeks.....but I've kept doing that instead of permanent....partly because it means I have to be pampered by my stylist every 5-6 weeks without fail (and my hair has started growing like tendrils).

Thanks all :-)

The nhs website doesn't actually advise you to use semis or highlights for the first 12 weeks, it merely states that's what most women like to do (I can send you the link if you like). Research suggests that as the amount of chemicals in hair dyes is small so it will not do any harm to baby. I'm a hairdresser (and 30weeks preg with 3rd child), it is perfectly safe to colour your hair during pregnancy. However due to hormones there may be a slight difference in the shade but this doesn't affect everyone. The only thing I would suggest is if you intend on having bleach on your scalp take care as your scalp may be extra sensitive due to the added hormones, if you are going to have a full head colour on your hair or re growth, wether semi or permanent, make sure you have a skin test 24 - 48 hrs prior to every application just to check the the added hormones haven't caused you to develop an allergy (this should be routine in all salons but most don't practise this way so you may have to request it). Finally if your going to have highlights the product doesn't come into contact with the scalp at all so it will be fine :)

Do a small test on the back of your neck. I had my hair dyed all through all 3 of mine. It is the hormone levels and sensitive skin that will stop it taking and irritate you.

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