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Bleeding again!


I've search several sites and still I can't seem to find anything on it.

I had my period on the 4th September five days. Then finished. I've had sex since finishing my period to find that my period had started again on the 15th September. First it was red, now brown blood not a lot and it's worrying. Not been to the doctors as I'm away abroad working.

Wondered if someone could give me an insight to why this is happening. First time!


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It could be implantation bleeding but could be an early period if you ovulated straight after previous period, may also be another health issue that only a doctor can diagnose.

Have you taken a pregnancy test? That's where I'd start... If positive, you have your answer, if negative I'd probably wait and see what next period does as it's totally normal for cycles to be messed up every now and again through stress, illness or for no know reason. If you have strange bleeding between next period, definitely go to the doctor to rule out anything sinister.

Good luck, hope you find your answer x

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Thank you.


I agree wth leamice. I also think it's implantation bleeding and you should take a pregnancy test


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