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Hi guys, im coming up to 28 weeks now and im due to switch my claim from job seekers allowance to income support. I was just wondering if there is anything else i am entitled to benefit wise? I know i can get a maternity grant but as im going to be doing this alone because my babies 'dad' isnt around i just want to know if i will have to try and get by on just income support or is there anything else i can claim until my son is born and i can find a full time job.

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  • I'm sorry I don't know the answer but perhaps visit your local Citizens Advice Bureau? They might be able to help you check you aren't missing out on anything. I hope you have lots of support around you - family and friends? Make sure you don't hesitate to call on them in the first first few months when your baby arrives! It's really good to get help with the house work, someone to cook you healthy fresh food (plus lots for the freezer), or take the baby out in the buggy for an hour or so to let you get some sleep. Good luck!

  • Untill baby is here your on income support which is the same amount as job seekers , or there abouts. . U can also receive milk vounchers now, housing benefits and council tax benefits if your not already. . Apply for your maternity allowance as you should have your matb1. If your already doing ok on your money, then the change in name wont make a difference. I suggest stocking up on nappies ect with the allowance as these can take a chunk out of your money untill your child tax credits and child benefits start coming, usually around 7-10 weeks after baby born. X i too get no help from the dad , you just got to prioritise and plan your funds whilst ur on low income x

  • We have lots of information on what financial help is available here:

  • I only got income support and housing benefit which paid full rent and I got council tax which also paid full too, so really all I had to pay was water and elec and gas which isn't much to say how much I have to pay now am working am sure you'l be fine we struggle more now that am working to tell you the truth I just made sure I saved abit of money each week and I got baby things each week as I went along to not make sure it wasn't a big chunk out of my money each week and tax credits take ages to get your claim sorted after baby's born but they do back date it I had just got my house as I was about to give birth too so money was even tighter some week I wondered how I even managed but we do Hun! Ask family members too if you have a strong support it's hard being a single mum but it is very awarding! Xxxxx

  • Also you can pay bit by bit on your pushchair etc which helps too! Xxxx

  • Thank you all for your help x

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