11 weeks +5days

I am pregnant with my second baby and I swear I felt some fluttering movements I know it very like gas but this wasn't gas I feel it very so often could this be movement this early have a scan on Friday when il be 12+2days hoping everything will be okay (had two scans already and baby bean was fine growing healthy) when did anyone else feel movements with there second? Xxxxxx


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  • Hi I'm on the my fourth pregnancy and I wouldn't be surprised if it is. You know your body and that 'flicking' or 'popcorn popping' feeling. I felt them VERY early with this one and there is a 13 year gap between this one and my last baby! I used to think of it as reassurance before my 12 week scan. Good luck :-) x

  • Really? It does feel like gas but it's different it's like a bubbly! And as the days go on it's getting more and more stronger and noticeable during the day! It's being 4 years between this one and my first and can't remember from my first but second I have started showed a lot early too! X

  • I felt fluttering and bubbling at 10 weeks with my first. So definitely can be x

  • I can't remember feeling anything with my first til about 16weeks or I could have but mistaken it for gas but this time around I can sorta see the difference we all get excited to feel our baby moving!! I'm very excited as if it's my first! Xxxx

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