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Sorry in advance for TMI

I was just wondering if anyone else had this. I'm 23 weeks pregnant and have noticed for like the last two weeks that my vagina is swollen. The other day it got so big that I felt like I had testicles I have had sex in forever and it doesn't itch or sting its just so uncomfortable because it's swollen. Sorry for the to much information I was just wondering others opinions on this? Hope you are all well xx

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Hi there, I've never suffered myself but have heard others talk about it. It's do with increased pressure down there and an extremely rich and good blood supply meaning you kind of have varicose veins. I believe they settle down after you've had your baby. Maybe keeping it as cool as possible down there might help? Cold washcloth, or a well wrapped "ice pack" of frozen peas in a small bag might help give you some relief for a while? X


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