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Sore breasts

Hi guys,

When i first fell pregnant i had really sore boobs, especially my nipples which were so tender and sensitive to the slightest touch.

Im now 19 weeks and the tenderness has long gone but my nipples have gone really hard and lumpy which looks and feels awful. Is this normal?

I know my boobs are getting bigger which is a nightmare as they were already pretty big but i wasnt expecting this so its worrying me a little.

Thanks xx

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Here's our information on sore breasts and what you can do to relieve the symptoms, there's also our helpline number, if you still have any concerns:


Hi there,

It is normal to have sore breasts in the beginning which then resolves as your body adapts to the hormonal changes. However if your Nipples feel Lumpy and really hard, for your peace of Mind. Get your Gp to have a quick look just to make sure that everything is fine. I am sure it is nothing, the reason is that there is no pain, inflammation or swelling. These would be the indicators that something is wrong. Take care. X


yes its normal dont worry it gets worse after baby is born and your breast feeding those mammas have to be tough to go through hectic breast feeding every hour,Its no walk in the park,Its normal for these changes


I remember worrying I had cancer....................its just a phase and it passes the pain can be bad


Thanks for the advice guys! I had a feeling they are just preparing themselves but didn't expect it so soon!!


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