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Brown blood discharge at 10 weeks!

Please ladies help by sharing me some of your positive stories, brown discharge at ten weeks. I've called my midwife she's requested an early scan at the hospital, I've been through all this before only to see baby fine one day and not after a few days, even if I come out beaming in a day or so I'm still terrified,

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Hi there, I'm sorry to hear that! I had bleeding at 6 1/2 weeks and totally freaked out. In my case all turned out well in the end and I now have a 9 month old! There can be so many reasons for bleeding and I've also been told that if its brown, then it's not as bad - but I guess this early in pregnancy everything is so worrying as you can't feel the baby move yet.

Do you not have a walk in antenatal unit at your hospital? When I had the bleeding I went straight there and they saw me straight away and did a scan! Finding out is scary but not knowing is also terrifying. I'd call your hospital to find out whether they have an antenatal walk in, and go there if I were you!

Just another bit of experience: because I had bleeding it turned out that my baby must have swallowed some (don't ask me how exactly it works) but my 20 week scan showed abnormalities in the baby's bladder. They told me it could be all sorts of things, including Trisomy 18, 20 and 21 I think. I stressed out again for ages, was offered that test where they insert a needle to take some fluid, but declined in the end. As it turns out all was well - I'm just saying that considering you have (had) bleeding, if something abnormal on the bladder should show up if could be because of the bleeding and wouldn't be anything to worry about :-)


Try not to panic, as brown discharge is really common in early pregnancy. I had it, panicked, and now I am terrorised by an overly energetic five month old who is huge.

I hope that all goes well for you!

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I having that since 6 weeks and until now 21weeks but some day was too much and I was worry. I seen my GP only been told as long as the bleeding isn't bright red, you don't need to worry!!!

it's can be the old blood from our last period or some thing. so now I'm not worry at all, my little miss moving like mad :-D

I hope you are feel better xx


Thank you kamchia for your encouraging words, and I'm very happy for you and your little girl, it give me hope that me and jelly bean need for the next two weeks xxx


Thankyou silke p and mummy pandaa I really. Needed this re assurance that things can go right sometimes after this as last time it all started like this and I've been getting flashbacks, but all of you have helped me stay positive that this time the whole scenario will end differently, the discharge is still only brow fingers crossed it stays that way xxxx


Thanks for all of your support, unfortunately the scan showed a yoke sack and no baby, so I'm having a delayed misscarage, the powers that be are taking the pee. I hoping it will all happen naturally. And it hasn't stopped me wanting to try again as I have my smashing daughter as proof that things can still go right. I have an extra thik womb lining and not looking forward to the pain again :(feeling a bit numb atm.


I'm really sorry to hear that, what devastating news. I haven't been through this, only the worry whilst having bleeding. I hope you can recover from this soon - physically and mentally, and hope there's good news from you again soon!


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