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A reminder: Wondering if you're pregnant?

If you are keen (or not so keen) to conceive, you might be watching very carefully and wondering: ‘am I pregnant?’.

The very early signs of pregnancy are not always clear. We provide answers to some common questions on the NCT website:

Please check this out first before posting in the community, which is here to connect new and expectant parents.

We will delete any posts that ask if you are pregnant because they can clog the community when all the information you could need is on our website. Or if you still need support or information, we have a helpline: 0300 330 0700.

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As you may already be aware, many women who were a member on this site and would offer straight forward and sensible advice have now deleted their account because of the "am i pregnant" post.

Hopefully you may be able to restore some of the goodness that NCT health unlocked once had.


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We are as vigilant as we can be about such posts.


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