Finally holding my baby girl

Finally holding my baby girl

After an unsuccessfully sweep at 40+6 I was induced at 40+10. I arrived at the hospital expecting along delay and an even longer weekend my husband stayed home with our children until I needed him and my mum came with me to hold my hand, I was induced (pessary) at 9 am by 10 am I started getting period pains my mum insisted I walk as much as possible to get things going, at 11 am the midwife checked me and baby all was fine I hadn't dilated but there was time at 4pm the midwife checked me over again and there was still no change my contractions weren't consistant enough to be considered in active labour I really thought Id progressed enough to go to the labour suite, at 6pm my contractions were so close together that I'd have 2 or 3 without a gap I decided I needed my husband so called him to cone straight to the hospital, my midwife checked me again at 6.25 pm and I'd finally dilated to 4cm she went to call labour suite to get me a bed and some much needed gas and air but I had an overwhelming urge to push my mum ran to the corridor and grabbed the first midwife she saw I called my husband demanding he hurry up, I didn't think I could go from 4cm to pushing in less than 5 minutes, but by 6.40pm my baby girl was born and she was perfect beautiful and everything I imagined at 6.4rpm I called my husband to let him know our princess was here our he was only 10 minutes away but devastated he missed her arrival during all the mayhem of calls to my husband and mum taking photos my gas and air arrived a little late but never mind my beautiful girl weighed 6 pounds 14oz and made my whole family complete and my midwifes career in 20 years she had never delivered a baby on the induction ward if I had been moved to the labour suite my baby would have been born in the lift!!! I can't stop looking at my girl I have waited 41 weeks and 3 days to meet her and all I want to is hold her and soak up every detail of her tiny face. Isabella Anne is 9 days old and has gained 5 oz already her brother's and sister adore her and her daddy is making up for missing her birth by giving her so much attention she is well and truelly spoilt by all of us. Xxxx


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10 Replies

  • Congratulations she is beautiful, and well done.

  • She's gorgeous. Congratulations. Cannot wait until my little girl is here and this made me very excited xx

  • so pleased for you and what a lovely name xx

  • Awwwrrh, :), she's beautiful

    congratulations - enjoy every minute of her especially whilst she's still teeny as she'll be grown up before you even realise.


  • Congratulations, she is a little beautie.. Thanks for posting x

  • Aww what a beautiful little girl, you must be so proud mummy xxx:)

  • she is absolutely gorgeous! well done mummy xx

  • Thankyou, she is perfect can't stop cuddling her xxx

  • What an amazing story. So thrilled for you xxxx

  • Congratulations, what a little beauty! X

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