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i found out i was pregnant at 10 weeks, saw my midwife and she said ok go for a 12 week scan, and thats all, she gave me no information, no packs or leaflets or anything, so now im going into my 12 week scan tomorrow with nothing.... a few friends have told me your midwife gives you a pack that you take to your scans... is this true? if so is there anyway i could get one? my midwife didnt even tell me when ill be seeing her again xx


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  • I don't know of anyone who got a pack, and I do remember being disappointed of my first appointment at my GP's. I thought it'd be important and there'd be more of a deal made out of the fact that I'm pregnant! But it was very matter of fact.

    I did get a couple of sheets of papers I think, but nothing I even remember relevant. It was at my booking appointment at hospital at around 12 weeks where all my details were taken, where I got information and a Bounty Bag (not that that is relevant in any medical sense, it's just full of vouchers and goodies, magazines ;-) ).

    But it was at that appointment in the hospital that I got all the information (or what I thought was all the information, I only found out bout the medical exemption cart towards the end of pregnancy, for example!). One week after that I then had my first scan at 13 weeks.

    I do remember the disappointment , but I'd say - even though I don't think it should be that way - just look online and read up on what you should avoid eating, and what supplements (folks acid, definitely!) you should take, read on exercise to do and avoid, and otherwise look forward to your scan and don't stress too much :-)

  • Well, that's a bit crap. Call your MW immediately. At your booking appt she has to prepare your yellow file. You jave to take this file to all appts and scans. Mine took a few days to prep and she left it at the GP surgery reception for me to collect - she called me to remind me to pick it up. The MW doing the scan won't see you without the file as they won't have anywhere to register the results. Your MW and others have to write your appts on the back outside cover for your records. Your MW should have given you a 16wk appt and the scanning MW has to give you a 20 wk appt when you go for your 12wk dating scan and trisomy scans and blood tests - screening tests. These should have been discussed with you at your booking appt. I'd raise merry hell if this hasn't been done and demand a new MW. Good luck.

  • That's really not great care from that midwife. Let's be generous and say that she was having an off-day. Make another appointment after your scan. Technically your next appointment should be at 16 weeks but I think that you deserve another with more information. How long was your first appointment with her? Did she take a family history, do health questionnaires etc?

  • Hospitals have the packs for those whose midwife didn't give them one. It will mean that you will be spending a while with the hospital midwife to fill it in though.

  • My midwife was like that and assumed I knew what I was supposed to do and know at my booking appointment (1st one with midwife) I was given my folder they put all ur info in, family history etc... And that was all I got at my 16weeo appoinment with my midwife I got a bounty pack but U can get them from other places if you look online and fill out a firm and take it to asda boots etc... If you haven't got your folder tell them at your scan and they should do it all there with you as the scan results go in the folder. Estimated gestation etc... Good luck! X

  • All local authorities do things differently. I'm now 27 weeks and panicked at the begining cos I didn't get info from my midwife early on but she did book my scan and give me details about going for booking bloods. You've got youre scan booked so don't panic cos that means your in the system. The yellow file that has been referred to above are your maternity notes, there's a possibility you may have to pick these up from ANC reception before your scan, that's what I had to do and it was the receptionist at the scan who advised me to pick my notes up. Has your mw discussed the booking bloods with you yet? I think they're around 12-14 weeks. Any concerns just give your midwife a ring, if you don't have her number try your ANC clinic where your scan is booked or your GP. I would recommended giving your midwife a bell just to check where you need to pick ur notes up from before your scan.

  • All good advice above. Also if you are not already, make sure you are taking a folic acid supplement one a day. Can get them from Boots etc. that's the important supplement in early pregnancy for your developing baby. Good luck!

  • Hi if you google NICE guidelines for pregnant women, you should see details of what and when to expect from your midwife. It should also have a 40 week calendar telling you when the midwife should see you. All nhs trusts vary on how they work with expectant mums, so don't worry too much! By the end if your pregnancy you will have paperwork coming out if your ears!!!! Good luck!

  • I am so disappointed that you have had a bad start with the MW. I found out i was pregnant at 6 weeks and almost straight away i had a home visit from a community MW who gave me the bounty pack, a schedule and a full breakdown of what happens and when.

    I would definitely give the maternity ward a call and find out what is going on! They should have at least given you a clear schedule of appointments.

    Let us know how you get on xx

  • In Coventry your notes (green here) go to the scan reception and you don't get them until your first scan. After that you keep them until you have delivered, but that could be a reason you have not been left with anything.

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