Pain breastfeeding 8 month old lo- any ideas?

Hi all,

My nipples have started to feel sore breastfeeding my baby boy, he is 8 months old and aside from the initial pain breastfeeding when he was a newborn I have had no issues. They feel a bit chaffed and sore. He is teething but not biting me! And he has had teeth for a couple of months now, it's only on the last few days I have had pain. Had to start using my lansinoh again. Latch looks fine, I haven't changed anything, and I can't see any signs of thrush on me or my lo, I have even done a pregnancy test but it has come back negative.

Has anyone had a similar problem? Any ideas as to what might be causing this?

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  • Here's our information on sore nipples. Hope it's useful, if you have any further questions, just let us know.

  • maybe hes weaning himself of your milk eg more solids less milk and your body is adjusting

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