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Dating Scan!

I had my first scan today, I went in expecting to be 12 plus four and the good news is I am 13 plus one and there is only one baby, bouncy baby. My Grandmother had 3 sets of fraternal twins, so there is a chance of twins. I am relieved that there is only one. The booking in was straight forward, very well organised and straight forward. I had a my blood pressure checked, height, weight, urinalysis, history taken, scan and bloods all done in one hour. My 3 girls come in for the scan and were all happy to see peanut doing some somersaults! All in all relieved, happy and thanking God for another opportunity to be a Mum, it truly is a blessing. I am back in 3 weeks for some blood results and next scan due in 7 weeks. Good luck and best wishes to all the Mums on here.

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Congratulations Sumariamira!! That scan is a pretty big milestone isn't it? :) Once we'd seen the heartbeat on the screen I remember panicking and demanding confirmation that there was only one ;) Hubby really wanted twins. In that one thing I was happy to disappoint. Looking forward to reading your updates. Yay!!


Hi Hopeful15,

Thanks for your kind reply, it is a good feeling to know that peanut is growing and already looking forward to the next scan.


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