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Holiday abroad.. To go or not?!

Hi guys! Hope everyone is well. My partner wants to go on holiday abroad soon but I'm quite nervous of going! Our little one is 8 months. We would be going in October. I just don't know if he would handle the heat(or if I will!) now I'm not sure on going or not! Can anyone give me any advice or experience on taking little ones this age abroad? And if anyone has does anyone recommend anywhere very touristy and child friendly?! Xx

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Hey mango! We went to the canary islands on a cruise in April when our son was 9 months. There was no flight but we did have a 6 hour coach journey! Tbh it was fine! Although we did have several family members on hand to help out!!

We were just sensible, kept out of the mid day sun, lots of factor 50 and plenty of liquids!

He did go off his food but think that's pretty normal considering its all such a change for them.

we are flying to spain in 4 weeks, so just need to get organised for taking liquids through but otherwise im not worried. The more we worry the more little ones will pick up on it.

The cruise was phenomenal for catering for babies and children. Otherwise I'd say go somewhere like Spain or Portugal. Short flight, lots of family friendly resorts etc xx


We are taking our 5month old to Florida in September. We have a ratio of 2adults to each child going. I'm trying to plan to take necessities and stock up on nappies etc on arrival. We chose Florida because it is a destination we have been to before so know the area. Hoping little one will be OK on flight. Make sure you have good travel insurance.I was told by breast feeding councilors that supplementary water not needed as breast milk composition changes according to baby's needs, but breastfeeding frequency may increase. The way I see it I will be travelling with my child for years to come and at this age they are easier to manage.


Oh go my lovely! We went when our son was 9 months abroad! In some respects it's a nice age to go! We made sure the flight was only a couple of hours, if you can get flight times to suit feed and sleep even better. I kept my son on formula milk until we came back from hols, as I knew he wouldn't drink there milk! Took Milton tablets and 3 bottles! You can buy nappies and wipes over there. We also went with friends, who helped us out and gave us a break by taking little one off for a couple of hours! We been abroad twice now and loved every minute of it! Go and enjoy!

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We flew with our boy abroad when he was 3 months, 4 months, 5 months and again 7-8 months and had no problems! All other NCT friends have also been abroad, I think you just need to e reasonable with your expectations - don't go anywhere too hot, too far away or expect to do big adventurous days out that involve climbing/diving er ;-)

What I'd suggest is to choose a destination not too far (re time difference/jet leg and long journey) and definitely take things that are familiar to your little one (blankets, toys etc).

Also don't go anywhere too hot like India, Australia, obviously all depending on their seasons at the time. I'd stick to somewhere like Europe or Canary Islands, some places in America if you want to go further away.

Flying is pretty good too. For family reasons I had to fly a lot with my little one early on, and by myself with him three times. Apart from one airport I always found airport staff extremely helpful and considerate, equally on the plane where they were really accommodating and held him when I needed the loo etc.

You are also allowed to take a lot with you! Usually two big items like a car seat and a pram or a travel cot. But check with your airline. And if you do fly longer distances then call the airline to get something you can put him/her in for sleeping on the plane.

And you are allowed one piece of hand luggage for your baby and food and drink in it. Be careful not to have glass jars but fill the food into plastic containers if you need some on the flight. As for milk and water, have it in his/her bottle and/or ready formula in a sealed container. They let you through with it but can ask you to taste some.

Otherwise you can preorder things from Boots inside airports and collect once you're through security.

I wouldn't worry too much about taking nappies etc as you get them anywhere, but stock up on milk and special foods, depending on where you are going and depending on how fussy your little one is.

Avoid the midday sun or anywhere too hot in general and take sun cream.

One thing that I was recommended was to make sure I give my son liquids when taking off and landing for the air pressure. The first few flights that meant breast feeding, last time he got some formula milk.

Last flight he also spent a lot of time crawling up and down the plane, and all passengers were actually really nice. Several people have told me not to worry if he cries, they say 'we've all been there'.

I wouldn't worry too much but enjoy a nice hiday away! Just be reasonable and all will be fine!



We've taken our son to Texas (super hot and a 10 hour flight) to see family when he was 2 months, 6 months, 12 months and we're here again when he is two. We stay in air con during the middle of the day and do activities/the pool in the morning and evening. The heat is really manageable as hot places are prepared with lots of air conditioned places and shaded outdoor places. If you're going to be staying in Europe then it's unlikely that anywhere is going to be too hot in October, most places will be a really nice warm temperature. We took our son to Malta this May and it was great temperature wise, low to mid 20s and a good sea breeze. It would probably be the same in October and I can certainly recommend Malta as a great child friendly destination. As for the flight, flying with babies and toddlers us really easier than you might think, you just have to do plenty of research (there us a ton of great online info for flying with babies) and be well prepared. Go and have a wonderful family holiday! X


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