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Need help

I'm 40 +6 today and I had a sweep at first I felt fine but about 5 mins later I got period like pains which is normal I know but does anyone who has had a sweep know how long it lasts for tmi my cervix is approx 1cm thick but soft I'm getting anxious as its my daughter's bday this weekend I've been booked in for induction on Saturday I just want my baby in my arms now x

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I had those pains after both my sweeps and was still induced. Sorry to say but it is just a waiting game x


I had a sweep and 24 hours later went into labour. Everyone is different, babies come when their ready, they don't have a calendar inside you so don't understand that they are expected to arrive on a certain date. It's horrible waiting, hope it all happens naturally for you soon.



I had 2 unsuccessful sweeps n then after 3rd sweep had my show then on the day of my induction I went into natural labour. I had cramping pains for a day which then disappeared after the 3rd sweep. I know that the waiting is awful but it will happen! Good luck


I was having contractions continuously but irregularly when I went for my sweep at 40+2. i was 1cm dilated, only just. had bleeding and more intense cramping about 30 mins after the sweep and lasted a couple days. then went back to usual contractions. active labour started for me 6 days after the sweep so don't think it did much in my case. think it just depends how ready your body already is! xx


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