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Water leak, but not amniotic fluid?

Hi, I'm 38 weeks and suffer from excess amniotic fluid. Had a sweep done on Monday and then a bloody show on Tuesday. By 3am on weds, I started having light contractions, not too painful. I decided to get up and felt a warm liquid come out. Went to the loo and it gushed for a few seconds. It was clear and had no smell. I caught some on tissue. Was definitely not wee. I went for a wee later which was yellow. Went to hospital and they agreed that it looked like waters broken. However, they then did an internal and said waters are on tact. They swiped inside vagina and said not amniotic fluid. I came home and am now very confused as to what it could be???? Any ideas

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Keep a look out for more. This happened to me for a month before I gave birth and they told me it wasn't my waters. When he finally came we both had infections and I was really ill......because I clearly was leaking waters the whole time. They can leak from places they can't feel with a sweep. Even when my waters did go the day I had him, the midwife managed to break them again.....which shows it was coming from somewhere less obvious. I had horrific flu type symptoms and headaches for 2 days before he came....couldn't eat or sleep. If this happens, make them see you. They fobbed me off and I ended up with a emcs under ga and in hospital for a week with my baby in scbu for his first 4 days x


Hey there, I feel like I experienced something similar. A day before my due date I sprung a leak, I called my Mum who used to be a maternity auxiliary nurse and she asked me if it was scented....I said 'yes, smells like semen' she replied with 'that's your waters' (she is also a mother of 5) so anyway, I waited 5 hours and nothing happened so I rang the ANDU who said come down for a check. On examination they said my waters intact, Hmmmm.....they took a swab, I was 2cm dilated so had a stretch and sweep and off we went home to come back in 3 days for another (I was due to be induced the following day but I refused as wanted a natural labour). I went back on Friday and my babies Heart rate was reading high, I was monitored all day and in the end risk factors were discussed and I agreed to an induction. To this day I still 'believe' my hind waters may have leaked and this is turn 'may' have unsettled my baby.

My advice to you is trust your instinct, monitor movements closely and if you are not happy speak up. All the best and I hope for a speedy and safe delivery of your baby X


I had a similar experience to this on the day that I went into labour... only when I went to the loo I started to have 'the show', too. At first I assumed it was that, and tried to go back to sleep (it was 4am!). But, at about 6/7am, when I got up, there was another 'mini gush', which was pinky-red. I phoned the Delivery Sute and went to be checked out and they said it wasn't my waters. However, when in labour, later that evening, the MW thought that it sounded like my waters had gone. To be honest, I was pretty confused too, as I couldn't think what else it could be!

If you're not already, I would start wearing maternity pads - if yu have any more 'leakage', then you can take one along when you get checked out (seems a bit gross, but it's helpful to the staff to see!!) And, as already said, keep an eye on movements as well as how you're feeling! Good luck! X


Thank you all - been monitored today and midwife has no idea what it was, she suggested it might have vaginal secretions but I find hard to believe when it was gushing. Plus I get vaginal secretions which are a little drippy, but these are very different too. Anyway been admitted as in patient today and will be induced on Monday. My husband and I are not on good terms and that makes it worse as I feel alone. Anyway, thanks again ladies!


Fingers crossed for you all goes well, you will be holding your bubba in your arms in no time at all.

Anytime you want to rant, get support, just post here.....someone will be around to chat :-) X


Aw hun, don't feel alone! Feel free to pm me for a natter anytime :D I know how dull being in hospital is haha


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