When was it the last time you had your baby weight done?

I'm asking because I just was looking at my sons red book and the last time I took him to clinic to have his weight done was at 3 months old. He is nearly 10 months old. Even though he looks like a healthy and happy baby. I think it's time to have his weigh. So after long do you guys take your children to have them weight ?

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  • I never had my son weighed! Health visitor never told me when and where to go! We just weighed him ourselves at home. Tbh ive much preferred it doing it ourselves, no pressure or criticism! If they are happy, healthy and growing I dont personallyse the need to go all the time! :) x

  • I would personally like to have my son weighed at home. Where did you get the baby scales from? Also did you record his weight in his red book?

  • We just put him on the bathroom scales. They are digital and very accurate. When he got bigger we just weighed me then weighed me holding him then worked out the difference to get baby's weight. Im sure you would be able to get scales online though. We did record the weight in the red book. When the health visitor came for his 8-10 month review she said it was absolutely fine doing it ourselves! X

  • Letsbehobest Thanks hun. It's just to tiring to get up so early in the morning and drag all 3 children of mines, to the clinic. Now I will just buy scales and weigh him at home

  • No problems hun! Xx

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