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back and hip pain

hi guys,

so for the last 2 days I have had the worst pain in my back and my hips coupled with nausea and shooting pains in my stomach

has anyone else experienced this?

I am now 15 + 1 and I am expecting some pain as my bump is getting bigger but this is so painful I cant even drive!

I am already overweight so I know that this added weight and pressure is not exactly helping but I didn't expect the back pain to start this early :(

just wanted to make sure it isn't anything to be worried about



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Hi, my hip started to hurt me from around 12wks this time around I am now 35+4 and still suffer from the pain, I went to the doc and he referred me the physio and they told me I had pgp (used to be called spd) I had physio for a good few weeks and I now have a support band that I wear to make my muscle do the job it should be doing to help my pelvis... So if the pain continues go to the docs they can help. X


thank you so much for the advice!

spoke with MW who said the pain should ease and is probably being caused by bump trying to push forward

she said if the pain continues let her know and she will refer me

I hope its just a one off and that by the weekend I will back on form as I hate having to stay in bed :(



I'm right there with you honey!!! Chin up. Small meals often (this helps the headaches) and paracetamol 4 times a day - feels like an eternity - but baby so fine - yawned and waved at me today - so relaxed we failed the trisomy test b'cos wouldn't move even when they made me dance, wiggle and jump and my husband held my legs in the air. That at least is keeping me strong - knowing Beanie is as snug as a bug in a rug regardless of how crap I feel ;) Feel for you :(

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See if MW or GP can refer you to EPC for peace of mind scan or do a doppler???


Hi, I had pain in my lower back quite early - about 15weeks. I had a friend who is a physio and she had a quick look. Basically the growing bump had pushed my hips out of alignment. She did a quick manipulation and straightened me up and I had no problem with that pain again! So it might be worth seeing a physio if it doesn't get better. Mine got worse when I walked for about 10 mins or more. Good luck!

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