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Side effects of seven seas ?

I am 31 and I came off the mini pill about 2 months ago. I had my first period on the 19th July which lasted for 6 days. I am taking seven seas and since Friday 1st August have been feeling nausea every day at different times, small crampy pains in uterus, boobs hurt but not around nipples the side of my boobs. I tried doing a test at the weekend but it was negative not sure if it is too early or are these pains side effects of the seven seas tablets. This is will be my first pregnancy so I have no idea what to expect ?

Can anyone help ?

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Hi, Ive taken seven seas with no side effects. I have sore boobs now but I've just got a positive pregnancy test, so fingers crossed on that one. My last period was july 19th, and i got a feint positive this sunday, but then I have a shorter 26 day cycle so that was just 2 days before my period was due. If you have a normal 28 day cycle (or longer) then testing at the weekend was too soon for you. Try another test the day you'd be due you period- or if you're not sure after the pill test this friday as that is 28 days, so when you'd expect most to get their period. Test in the morning when levels are highest. Good luck :-)


Well, have a look at the possible side effects of takins seven seas pills on thr instruction leaflet in the box, if any of them are listed then its possible it could be that.... It could be a side effect of coming off the pill perhaps? Your cycle could be re adjusting itself.

Pregnancy tests are very accurate even when taken a couple of days after a missed period but you could be getting a false negative because your hormones are still adjusting to coming off the pill..... Your symptoms are certainly similiar to early pregnancy signs.... Good Luck xxx


I read the seven seas packets but no clues of side effects. Will just wait for the weekend now for period due day and see what happens. I think I tested way too early i just get carried away.

Thank you for your help.


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