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Agonising wait

This is only my 2nd post on here and I surpose you could say they are a bit of a rollercoaster of emotions.

My first post

was all about my blueness at the time it is taking my husband I to concieve.

This one is about my new agonising wait.

I'm 5 days late for my period. I really want to do a test but have promised my husband we'll wait until Wednesday when it will be 7 days late in case I'm just on a longer cycle. I was 9 days late last july which I blamed on the big heatwave we had in the uk. I took a test then and got a big fat negative so I'm a bit reluctant to test even though I'm late. My cycle hasn't always been regular but the last year or 2 the only hiccup was the one last year. If anything I'm usually early not late.

I've had a few symptoms such as cramps and a churny tummy before I was due to start my period last week and I've been a bit headachey and tired but I've just come of a big active family holiday. It's all stuff that I could explain away, including my wobbly emotions which I just put down to my depression rearing it's ugly head again.

I'm really anxious about what will happen Wednesday. If I'm pregnant I'll be dead chuffed and then probably incredibly nervous about what that has in store but if I'm not then I'm not sure how I'm goimg to react. I keep telling myself that if I'm not then it's okay I can focus on other things like loosing the final stone and a pound I have left till I have a normal bmi. I just don't want it to suck the life out of me.

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Fingers crossed for you for Wednesday. I am overweight and currently trying for a baby and dieting at the same time. I am going to Slimming World which you can still do whilst you are pregnant so I am hoping I can still continue to loose weight up until the last few months. I haven't been trying for very long at all but I don't want to put pressure on myself and ti get obsessed with trying. I am the oldest of my group of friends and the last to have a baby which also puts extra pressure on me too.

I have always had mixed moods but have never been diagnosed with depression so I don't want to get my hopes up every month and then suffer the fall. Its so difficult.

Good luck to you and I hope you get the positive test on Wednesday.


Thanks. I'm trying to find things to discract myself with but they all seem to come back to babies. My web browser is probably sick of the infinite tabs that are open all relating to symptoms, baby names, how to tell relatives etc.

Congrats on the weight loss journey. If I am pregnant then I plan to talk to my doctor about the whole weightloss thing as I don't want to undo all my hard work.


That will be the best idea I know in our area they offer a service alongside pregnancy for weight loss.

I am constantly checking for symptoms, prams, baby names etc.... I try not to but get very excited and then need to remember I haven't even had a positive test yet.


Dear Pinky, I understand. There are so many of us who do. I had 10 years of it - in end I did the pregnancy test just so that I'd get my period ( which always came within hours of a negative result regardless of how late I was!). I'd have a cry but over time there are coping mechanisms that kick in. Most of the stress is in the not knowing - by prolonging the anguish you simply prolong your ability to find a positive solution to the situation. This is a marathon and not a sprint. To stop the pain I convinced myself that I would never conceive - so when the test was positive I didn't believe it and threw it in the bin!! It took another 5 tests to convince me otherwise!! All I can say is focus on what you can do and not on what is out of your control. Focus on losing weight, looking and feeling fab and having the best toe curling sex ever (try everything!) - that way even if it hasn't happened this month, you continue to work on being as happy and relaxed as you can be with your partner and just as you start to embrace a new lease of life where you are your own source of happiness, the little one will just pop in there and throw a spanner in the works ;) Chin up. Don't put yourself through unnecessary pain just because you can. Besides I just hate surprises. Good Luck *fingers crossed* - but if it isn't don't fret just tell honey bunny he has to up the ante!! :)


I've gone and bought a test this evening after begging the hubby to let me test sooner. I'm hoping I can test tonight. If it turns out nrgative then I'll wait a few days and see if aunty flo turns up. I've been tearing my hair out all day as I'm a teaching assistant and am on summer hols at the moment and all I have to keep me occupied is the housework and it's not doing a very good job!

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I'd test in the morning (if you haven't already!) Also do you go swimming? I find it incredibly relaxing and it helps me loose whatever weight i gain x


Yes I do swim. I love swimming. I will be carrying that on for sure.


I tested last night and then again this morning with a clear blue just in case my cheapy one was lying.

Both came back with a big fat positive!

I'm pregnant wahooo!

Just wish I could tell everyone but hubby and I decided that we'd wait until august bank hol to tell our parents and after scan to tell everyone else. I think he would have preferred to leave it until after the first scsn to tell parrnts as he's nervous about snything going wrong (I am too) but I said I'd fknd it hard to keep it all to myself and my mum would know something was up given how down I'd been about not having conceived yet. Plus if the worst did happen then I know I'd definitely need the support.

He doesn't know I've posted this on here as he was less than keen in case people we knoe gound it. But as no one we know (to my knowledge) uses the forums I couldn't resist. I want to do cartwheels round the house right now and shout it from the rooftops. The nerves are starting to kick in now though.


Congratulations Pinkymoo! Very happy you for you both x


Congratulations! Lovely news :-D X


Congratulations !!!!


Congratulation . Happy to here that.


Aww...massive congrats Hun! So so happy for you


So happy for you hun if anyone deserves this happiness it is you children are a blessing and i believe everyone who wants a child should be able to experience the blessing my oldest goes into year 2 next month my youngest is 2 next month and i have one due a day before my partners birthday january 10th xx


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