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Bleeding worries

Hi guys,

Woke up this morning to a small amount of bleeding - more than spotting but less than a 'flow' - and I am a bit worried as I am now 14 + 3. I also have pain like I have been kicked between the legs.

Tried calling midwife, GP and emergency GP but none of them are answering and NHS direct bless them can only give advice.

Really don't want to go to hospital and waste A&E time unless I have to.

What do you think?


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I would try ringing your midwife again until you get an answer, if you don't just go to your local birthing centre they might not like you just turning up but at the end of the day that's what they are there for!

Hope everything is ok x

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Thanks for your advice. Midwife has her phone off and her voice mail says she starts at half 8 so I will wait and see if I can get hold of her then.

Its not the first bleed I have had since conception but as its my first pregnancy I dont really know what is normal or harmless :(

Just trying not to worry and make it worse!


I have not had a bleed durning pregnancy but I have had a lot of stress and worry throughout, so I can feel for you when you say you don't want to make it worse, but as my husband keeps telling me the midwifes are there for you and no matter how small Or stupid your question might be ask, it's what they signed up for lol.

Good luck and hope everything is ok and try not worry (I know that's the last thing you want to hear) :) x


Hi have you managed to get through? You probably do need it checking out. I had light bleeding & spotting throughout 1st trimester. So it can be nothing. However, better to be safe than sorry. Get in get scanned. Might be a slight hematora showing. X


The emergency numbers should be on front of your orange file. I was told if I couldn't get through to the maternity unit I was assigned to if I couldn't get hold of GP & MW. Breathe. There's loads of movement at mo as your womb is expanding and popping out of your pelvis. I've had similar pain in back and period pains - you just need a scan for peace of mind baby is ok. Take care.


Hope that made sense. My brain works faster than I can type :/


Hi guys,

I did manage to get through in the end and spoke with MW who referred me to the hospital as an emergency.

4 hours later i was seen by the doctor (some emergency!) and there was a big panic as they couldn't find a heartbeat! Went for a scan and it turns out baby is fine but sitting quite far back.

Couldn't work out the cause for the bleeding so they took some swabs and did some different scans. Hopefully will get the results today.

Bleeding seems to have stopped which is good but i am absolutely exhausted and my morning sickness seems to have reared its ugly head again :(

Been feeling really down today - very quick tempered and teary which isn't good but hopefully it will pass

Thank you so much for all of your advice and support over the last few days xx

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Hi Laura, we're about the same time along I think. I feel like sh*t too if it's any consolation. Things are on the move and I thought I was m/c last week from pain and the GP couldn't find a heartbeat - got rushed into EPC and Beanie was body popping away like Michael Jackson. My uterus is trapped by the adhesions so I'm having to wait for them to a hot air balloon ripping away from its moorings! No blood but I've been told to keep an eye out. If you need a shoulder to moan on just shout - we can moan together ;)


Thank you so much!

Glad to hear you are okay - its awful thinking that something is wrong isn't it :(

The lack of sleep is killing me right now but I hear that wears off for a bit before I get round and heavy!

No sign of bump yet though - i should be pleased by this but I'm willing it to start growing already!



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