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12wks Now I know what happens when you're pregnant with adhesions!!

Hi, just wanted to post this in case any other ladies needed info on what happens during pregnancy if you have uterine adhesions. I'm supposing it will be different in each individual case but being forewarned doesn't necessarily make you forearmed....well not in my case anyway. My consultant had warned me that at around 12 weeks I may experience pain as the uterus lifts and shifts forward. My adhesions are between posterior wall and large bowel. I'm used to the pain (that kind of internal pincer pain) but what started happening yesterday was very different. It started with nausea and dizziness around midday (I have been lucky enough not to suffer morning sickness) and just put this down to indigestion. Then a hot piercing pain in my lower back which felt like someone was kicking my kidneys. This then grew into sharp pains under my ribs and spread around into my abdomen. By this time I had managed to get home from work and lie down. Then I started to get what I would describe as severe period pain and muscle cramping in my abdomen, lower back and upper thighs. There was no bleeding but the sensation floored me - because they were the exact same symptoms as contractions and I panicked that I was miscarrying - which obviously made things worse. It was pretty intense and I wasn't very polite to my husband when he tried to calm me down on the phone! In the end my GP called me into the surgery but Dopler didn't pick anything up so I had a rough night waiting for the early pregnancy unit this morning. Beanie is fine, he was body popping all over the place. Thank goodness. Anyways, I now have a better understanding - because of myomectomy and adhesions my uterus is "trapped" down low in my pelvis still. The uterus will try to "pop" up but as it's trapped it will try at intervals as it either has to rip the adhesions or stretch them to be able to move - hence contraction/period like pain. I'm unsure yet how long it's going to take as it only started yesterday but now that I know what to expect and that Beanie is just fine I'm finding it easier to cope. I also think having laid off taking paracetamol until now has helped as the pain relief is really noticeable and I have been able to sleep in longer sessions as the night progressed. I just wanted to share this info as I know it would have helped me not to panic so much yesterday that I was potentially losing my baby. Once I understood what the pain would be like and checked on the little one for peace of mind I am a lot more chilled and the pain is manageable again. Hope it's useful to someone.

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Thanks for your post, this is very very helpful to me as I have A LOT of adhesions due to severe endometriosis and lots of gynae surgery, also my left ovary and tub are stuck to my abdominal wall. I've been getting pain from where my left side is stuck from about 5 weeks, but it's eased a bit recently. I'm only 8-9 weeks now but was wondering what might happen a bit further down the line so thanks for sharing! I'm still scared but at least now I might have some idea, my doctor has tried to warn me as he says the adhesions would rip but he didn't go into it more than that!


Hi Hayls, OMG it's like finding a long lost friend!! It can feel really lonely at times as so few people appear to have managed to get this far!! Please stay in touch. The pain is ebbing a wee bit, paracetamol is helping. I'm having to take it super easy - which is pretty easy really as my body is not letting me do anything strenuous anyway! I have another scan next Wednesday so will know whether we have lift off already - I'm defo expanding but I don't know if that's the Battenburg I'm consuming to keep my spirits high or Beanie popping out of my pelvis. It's so nice to make your acquaintance - I look forward to enjoying this journey with you. Chin up, it's not that bad - key is not to panic - easier said than done for me - but meditation and self hypnotherapy are working to keep my morale up. Just fighting the inner fears of telling my work - I've only just gone back to work after 2 months enforced sick leave (where they believed I would "just get better" + 1 month for HR to OK my return to work plan) - now I have to turn around and tell them I'm having a miracle baby!! My MW, Consultant and GP have been brilliantly supportive. I've been referred to the pain clinic by GP previously but can't get an appt until end of October but at 12 wk booking with MW she has managed to get me referred immediately to consultant obstetrician and their going to try and pull my pain clinic dates forward too. The good news I've been told is that all this stretching and ripping may solve any longer term chronic pain issues I'd been suffering with - so this is hopefully just a painful hurdle to a happier future - along with a baby that I never dreamed that I'd ever have. Keep in touch - any questions just ask or share anything you want. So pleased to have met you - really I am :)


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