Entitlement worries

Hi guys,

I was told by a friend that because I earn more than £25,000 a year I am not entitled to any benefits once my child is born (working tax credit, child benefit etc)

This is my first child so I have no idea if that information is correct and I am now worried as my maternity pay will nowhere near cover my living expenses plus that of a new baby

Can anyone give me some advice as its keeping me up at night :(


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  • Your in my boat... You will still get your £80 a month like all mums U can apply for it after baby is registered cause you need the birth certificate but you won't get working tax credits as U have to be currently working. And my work didn't have a maternity leave policy its just the governments statatory policy and max in £136 p/w or something similar... Unfortunatly all you can do is save and take as much time as you can afford to take off... I took 3months off and went back full time. Childcare costs me £208.75 per week so it isn't the cheaper option... By any stretch so look into child care too and cover all bases and maybe even a call the citizens advice to ask for more options avalible in your area.

  • Thanks for your advice. It angers me that I work so hard and pay my taxes yet i am punished with a low income when I want to have a child! How do these mothers with no jobs cope?! :( I cant have state funded nursery so I will also have to lay out for expensive childcare. It seems rather unfair doesn't it.

  • It is really unfair, people are rewarded for not working now... If a mum doesn't work they get tax credits rent paid etc.. ( the mum I know does anyway can speak for all) and she can afford to have two kids! I struggle with nursery fees if I didn't have two good wages coming in we could never afford it. And we would have had to make the decision for one of us not to work and change our lifestyle dramatically. my nursery costs £835-1049 per month for 5days so that's a good 90% of my wage taken up its really a hard decision to make on what to do for the best. But this was my only option as my partners wage means we wouldn't get help anyway.

  • It sucks, doesn't it? I know how you feel, even though my circumstances are a bit different... I was doing unpaid training with my OH before I became pregnant. I'm not entitled to any benefits whatsoever. It also means that restarting my career is going to be difficult (because of the costs of childcare I'm going to be staying at home longer than a lot of ladies on Maternity Leave). Don't get me wrong, I'm in no rush to leave my little girl with anyone, but I do miss learning to do the job I love :-(

    My advice is to get in touch with the Citizens Advice Bureau. Your Health Visitor and local Children's Centre will also have information (the HV will visit you at around 30 weeks, so no need to get in touch with them beforehand) X

  • For first 6 weeks you'll get 90% of your wages and after that £138.18 per week for next 33 weeks plus child benefit of £20.50 per week. Some employers might want to 'chip in', but you probably you'll need pay the money back when you're back at work. I imagine being a single working mother is very hard.

  • Thanks for your advice guys.

    I do have a partner but he earns so little it barely covers our rent let alone the essentials!

    I have worried myself sick over it all now but will wait and see what citizens advice have to say about it.

  • Have you spoken to your employer? As all firms are different when it comes to pay, I get 6 Wks full pay and then maternity pay for the rest of my time off. I am lucky this is about the same amount as I earn as I only went back part time after my son, because if I had gone back full time I would be paying out what I earned for child care so thought it was pointless for me to be away at work just to pay some one else to look after my son. I also only receive child benefit as we did not qualify for any help before or after with regards to benefits. When I went part time it took a while to get used to but we manage, I am also lucky that my husband has a good job.

    My sister in law was very lucky and got 6 months full pay and then maternity pay, so ask all the questions you have, there are people there to help :)

  • Make a claim for tax credits now, they will tell u that u arent entitled as it goes off last years earnings . When u go on mat leave, ring them with a new estimate of ur earnings for the year. You ARE classed as working for the first 39 weeks of mat leave and so are able to get tax credits. This will obviously be based on combined earnings of u partner.

  • I don't know whether they have brought it in yet but there is a way where u can transfer some of ur maternity leave to ur partner if u live together. U can have ur initial 6wk and partner has the other 33wks statutory. This has been popular with couples who the lady is the main earner. Try looking into it or asking at ur hr dept xx

  • Plus looking ahead, make sure you have read up on all the changes to childcare vouchers. You can make a significant tax saving if you have signed up to this and it can help pay for childcare once you turn to work. See theguardian.com/money/2014/...

    Good luck!

  • Every company is diff... I was v.lucky I got 6months full pay.. go on entitledtoo.co.uk and see what extras u get xx

  • hi guys,

    checked with my work and they advised that unfortunately what i have been told is correct - i am entitled to pretty much the bare minimum because i work full time

    i have been a wreck all weekend worrying about it but now its confirmed i have some hard decisions to make

    thank you all so much for your advice - it is greatly appreciated xx

  • Would it be possible for your partner to do the childcare if external childcare is expensive. Child benefit would help a little bit then. The cost of childcare is a huge problem you are earning a wage to pay a wage. I don't agree that women who work full time should be given money by the government to maintain their income in the long term, although I understand the sense of inequality. A family living on benefits will not be able to increase their standard of living in the long term unless they get a job that will allow them to work their way up to a higher salary. I am in the same position as you but have sisters definitely caught in the benefits trap, I don't think it's easy for anyone.

  • Hi Laura

    According to this you qualify for child benefit and child tax credits : moneyadviceservice.org.uk/e...

  • Thank you for this - I will give them a call tomorrow x

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