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Help! 9month old baby

I have a 9months old baby boy, he always slept well but always had a night feed and still does. He can crawl and stand and walk holding one hand and has done for a while. But during his sleep he keep crawling around in bed and going on all fours moaning while he is asleep. But its not once and I put him back comfotable it is constantly all night. Im at a loss on why he is doing it and how to get him back into a restful sleep.

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My Lil one will be 9 months old on Tuesday "coming" & for the last few weeks has also been having what seems like a restless or irritable sleep which i put it down to the humid weather at first but now it's considerably cooled down she still sort of rolls around when ive put her sleep to which she then gets all agitated about.

My conclusion is the fact that they're growing & learning so many things at this age & rate their mind & body almost running into overtime when evening looms.



Hi there, my little man in 10.5 months and is in the middle of sleep regression.

He is BF and has for a while been waking for 1 feed anywhere between 4-5.30am but this past week or so, oh my 3-4 times he is awake, could be teething as he has cut 3 teeth in about 2 weeks and he is also walking independently. He has gone through a major development and growth spurt so I am looking for light at the end of the tunnel as I am back to work in a few weeks and am shattered daily. My boy had never been a great sleeper and I have had to sleep train in the past and I was about to train to withdraw night services when this period hit!

I suspect your LO's are going through the same and remember it's just a phase. Google 8-10 month sleep regression and find article written by the sleep lady, you might find it a useful read. x


Hi, JNDuce12-13 does your son wake up when he is moving around? my son is nearly 3 and has always been a wriggler shall I say.....from the moment we put him in the cot with all that space he moved from one end to the next ( I thought it was quite cleaver as he was in a gro bag and I imagine they are hard to move around in quite like a sleeping bag) he did this all in his sleep and even now that he is in a bed he still moves around it's anyone's guess at what end you will find him. I never moved him as I thought he will find a way to be comfy. You move in your sleep to get comfy more than you think you do so he might just be trying it get comfy and every time you move him back he goes back to where he wants to be.


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