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exhausted :(

hi guys,

so this weekend has been pretty rough and i have felt very very tired very quickly

today i am 12 + 6 and being at work is a total nightmare!!

does anyone have any good tips to help me out other than crawling into a dark corner to try and nap?

i got about 3 hours sleep last night so i know this doesn't help but i am clutching at straws!

i just need to get through today so that i can get home to my bed


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You'd have to check with your MW but when I upped my iron and protien (hemp or pea protien) intake I found I had a lot more energy and accupuncture every two weeks appears to be helping too. Hope this helps.

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You poor thing! I promise you're not alone, I'm only 7/8 weeks and absolutely knackered and feel sick all the blooming time! Much worse than my first pregnancy too so has come as a bit of a shocker! I've found that staying as hydrated as possible helps with the tiredness, especially in the current warm weather. Just try sipping water regularly throughout the day. Plus I often have my one coffee of the day around mid morning or mid afternoon for an extra boost. Am normally a tea drinker but gone off tea at the moment which is frustrating as you're allowed more tea than coffee when preg!

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Hi Laura

I do feel for you hun. I am now 15 weeks with my 2nd and the first 11/12 weeks were just awful, I had just started back at work after my 1st, I was exhausted and felt so queasy in the evenings! Believe me in a few weeks time you will feel heaps better :-) After about 12 weeks my energy came back and now i feel great!

Just try to take it as slow and easy as possible, eat small amounts frequently and make sure you drinks lots of water. It wont last forever :-)


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Do you have a sympathetic boss who may let you take a longer lunch so you can power nap? Keep focusing on the end result, your new baby and you will get through it.

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The 1st few weeks of pregnancy can be hard on the body as your now creating another life which in theory aka... my understanding means everything is now shared.

Having had my 2nd child last year I personally found taking some pregnancy friendly supplements such as Pregnacare helped my fatigue as it apparently works with your immune system & gives you some of your energy back without harming the unborn child.

Good luck, & you'll get through it.



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