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hiya ladies im 37 +2 weeks pregnant and i keep getting what i cant describe as ruttling in my tummy. the kind u would get in ur chest when you want to cough but i get it to the right side just under my ribs i was wondering if this is normal? ive been getting alot of period like pains in my front and back since sunday had my "show" and loose stools i got checked over on thurs at midwife drop in and she believes that my bodies getting ready for labour but for the last few day ive had this ruttling. i am to be worried or is it normal? unsure first time mum

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  • they might be braxton hicks - they are like mild contractions your body do that as a trial run before actual labor ! be ready its anytime now :)

  • Hi danielle25, I have been in a similar situation, 38+6 today. I will be induced tomorrow and have had 3 sweeps, had the bloody show, loose stools and period like cramps. Visited triage and they advised I'm only 1 cm dialated, the tightenings indicate body is getting ready for labour but not there yet.....can't wait to meet my little one now. Good luck

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