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20 weeks and no movement!?

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Hi guys, im a bit worried, I started to feel little flutters of movement at about 18weeks but nothing substantial suh as a kick. Yesterday and today I havent felt anything at all. I still havent felt my baby kick but I usually feel a little flutter in the mornings but havent since wednesday. Im starting to panic a little now as this is my first pregnancy and also a miracle baby as I was told id never be able to conceive.

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Hi, I would go get checked out Hun, they tell you be aware of these types of things. Hopefully they do scan/Doppler and all is fine , and they send you on your merry way. But you need to be checked by a medical professional just for peace of mind. If no one from midwife team available over weekend I would go to a & e. ( just my opinion as I'm an anxious soul. ) Have you done relaxing things like have a bath, read a book in a quite room, just a time out kind of thing to really tune in to your body. X

I was always told to have something sweet or cold, sometimes baby just gets super comfy and becomes a little lazy, but if nothing works defo go to either ur midwife or maternity triage they will monitor baby just to see how active they are x

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I would give your maternity unit a ring to seek their advice. Feelings can be affected by the position of the placenta - if it is at the front, you'll feel a lot less and later at this stage, but DON'T rely on this if you are concerned, get it checked, better to be safe.

Of you are worried call your midwife- my first did this when it was warm- he would just get very comfy and sleep while it was hot- but if a cold drink doesn't get him moving you need to get checked out just to make sure everything is ok

I agree, icy cold drink, sit still for 20 mins and if you feel nothing call midwives at your maternity unit. I went twice with my first for the same reason, he was fine but with an anterior placenta its hard to feel. Both times they reassured me I'd done the right thing by getting checked, they were lovely and didn't make me feel silly at all.

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Also, I'd say try not to worry. I didn't feel substantial kicks before 20 weeks. It all depends on the position of your baby and where the placenta is. I'm sure your little one is flipping about quite happily in there! But by all means call your midwife team if you feel the need for more reassurance. Good luck. X

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Also my friend had one of those at home Doppler kits so you can listen for the heartbeat at home if you think this would help reassure you as pregnancy progresses. Pluses and minuses to this as sometimes it's hard to find and you may find yourself worrying unnecessarily if you can't hear it one day. My friend liked it though.

I didn't feel first movement until 22 weeks and even then it was a bit hit and miss until about 25 weeks when I would feel movements everyday. However, it is always, always better to get it checked if you think it's less than is normal for your baby (I've come to learn that my baby has sleepy days only by panicking and getting it checked everytime she goes quiet!). If you call the relevant number on your handheld notes (for me it's delivery suite but not sure if the same everywhere), they will most likely ask you to come in for a trace of the heart beat just to be on the safe side. This way they can not only check that the heart beat is there and strong, but also that it is following a normal pattern and baby isn't in any kind of distress. I don't think you have anything to worry about though, probably just that at 20 weeks it's not always easy to feel all of the movements and you're still getting used to your baby's normal pattern!!

Thank you all for your advice. I rang my midwife and she suggested going to get seen at the early pregnancy unit at my hospital. Everythings fine with my little one, he/she is just lying awkwardly so I cant feel their movements. Thanks again guys! Xx

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You may find our advice on baby movements in the womb useful. nct.org.uk/pregnancy/your-b...

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