Fretful sleep at night

My four week old little girl is doing well but at night as soon as I put her in the moses basket by the bed she fusses even if she was sound asleep before. She kicks and flails her arms, grunts, cries for short bursts of a couple of seconds and is otherwise noisy. She does this in her sleep for several hours at a time but only at night she sleeps soundly in the basket for periods in the day. She does have issues with wind but I don't know if that is what's causing the fretful sleep. I can sleep through it mostly, although my husband struggles I just worry that its not restful sleep for her. Any ideas?


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  • I know it's warm at the mo, but how about trying swaddling a little? Large muslin squares would be ok in this warm weather. My little girl always slept so well wrapped up lightly for the first 2-3 months before she got too big for it xx

  • My 3 week old is doing very similar with sleeping in her crib. Sometimes I'll let her fall asleep in my arms or in our bed (only if my OH is sleeping downstairs), then transfer her over. When it was less hot, I also put a hot water bottle on her mattress for a brief period, so she wasn't going from warm and cosy to cold mattress. I've been unable to put her in it when she's awake and expect her to fall asleep though X

  • Hi, have you got a night light in the room nothing to bright but just enough so she can sense it? If she us sleeping ok in the Moses during the day and not at night she might like the comfort.

  • My son was the same, all he needed was a muslin next to him to snuggle. He now is 16 weeks, and has slept through the night since 7 weeks old :)

  • Maybe put something like a small folded towel under the mattress head end to prop her up ever so slightly , this helped some of my friends mainly with wind and reflux babies.

  • Thank you for the ideas I don't think light is the issue as it gets light at three and she does it until we get up but I did think that too for a bit. Hot water bottle is an idea so is elevated head. Also had a suggestion of muslin with my smell on it. All things to try. Thank you

  • My lg hated the moses basket at night. Would sleep happily with us yet would wake the second she knew she was in her basket. Eventually we ended up co sleeping with lo in a growbag and she slept soundly most nights, only waking for feeds. Now she's in her cot and sleeps through without waking at all. Goes down about 10ish and sleeps till 7 or 8am. We reckon she was too enclosed in basket and is maybe slightly claustrophobic. She loves the cot andd mum n dad get quality time.

    Have u room to put the cot up in ur bedroom? Maybe ur lo has same issue. Try them in an open space with a growbag on if it's cold xx Good luck hun

  • Also, my LO grunts a lot when laid down/sleeping (I think she might have trapped wind) - it sounds like she's trying to 'push wind out', if you get what I mean!! That could be why your daughter is a bit noisy too? X

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